George Kambosos Jr. does not appreciate having the best win of his career continued to be unacknowledged by the fighter whom he defeated.   

Kambosos shocked the boxing world last November with a split decision win over Teofimo Lopez to come away with the IBF, WBA, and WBO lightweight belts. Lopez was reportedly diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening medical condition after the fight called pneumomediastinum, which is when air is present in the cavity between the lungs. Lopez, moreover, has long maintained that he had done enough to win that fight and has gone so far as to suggest that there was a conspiracy against him.

In a recent preview of an interview Lopez conducted with ESPN’s Mark Kriegel, Lopez appears not to have changed his rhetoric. Lopez is gearing up to make his debut at 140 on Aug. 13 against Pedro Campa at Resorts World Las Vegas in Las Vegas.  

“Every doctor that sees my report they look at me, like, 'how the hell did you survive that?'” Lopez said in one snippet during the interview.

Those comments touched a nerve with Kambosos, as the Aussie responded straightaway on his Twitter account.

“Looked great to me an hr before I beat your ass and sent you to ICU,” Kambosos said in a tweet directed at Lopez. “Take it like a man Teo instead of the 1500 excuses. No excuses from me when Haney beat me, take it like a man and bounce back and stop being a b!tch! PS Good luck in a few weeks against your journey man”

In a video that accompanied Kambosos’ tweet, a highly revved-up Lopez is seen pacing around in the locker room anxiously awaiting their November fight. “Oh, you’re about to get it," Lopez said in a comment directed at Kambosos. "I’m about to fight in an hour. Oh, they’re not ready! They not ready! I’m about to eat you in an hour, boy, I’m about to eat you!”

In another snippet from the interview, Lopez (16-1, 12 KOs) doubles down on his belief that he was cheated out of a victory. Lopez previously claimed the fight was “fixed.”

“I won that fight, regardless of the matter of the fact is, the referee knew so,” Lopez said. “He raised my hands before they called out Kambosos. As a fighter you have to beat the champion. He didn’t do enough to beat the champion.”

Kambosos (20-1, 10 KOs) is preparing to face Devin Haney in an undisputed lightweight rematch reportedly set to take place on Oct. 16 at Rod Laver Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Kambosos lost a unanimous decision to Haney in June in what was his first defense of his 135-pound belts.