By Liam Napier

Jimmy Peau, David Tua, Peau Wolfgramm and Shane Cameron are names that will live long in Kiwi boxing folklore. Kali Meehan wants to be remembered the same way.

Meehan spent his first 28 years in Avondale, West Auckland, but relocating to Sydney's Central Coast saw him lose some of his New Zealand identify. He slipped off the radar from a Kiwi perspective, and believes the November showdown with Cameron is about re-establishing his legacy.

"It was a pretty good era in the heavyweights from the ‘90s to early 2000s," Meehan said. "Jimmy Peau and David Tua made people overseas realise we have good fighters over this side of the world. Peau Wolfgramm did his bit. I did my bit. But the question remains for our legacy who was the best from our era? That's what it's about. It's good to come back home and fight and be recognised.

"That's the whole reason I want to fight Shane and David to say it was my era. But I can't just say that. I've got to prove it."

Since claiming the inaugural Super8 title, the 44-year-old has set-up an x-ray protection and security company and will again use his 18-year-old son Willis, the Australia super-heavyweight title holder and emerging Roosters star, to tune up for Cameron.

"He's given me a lot of hidings," Meehan said. "He's my main sparring partner. He's had 20 fights and lost only one and weighs between 115 and 120kg. He's a very skilled boxer. He always has it in his head that if I give dad hard sparring it will benefit him."

Meehan intends to harness his significant height and reach advantage over Cameron and also wants to pursue a fight with Tua.

"I know the fight game well. There's a lot of advantages I have. I'm taller than him [Cameron], I'm heavier than him and I can take a punch better than him. He likes fighting taller guys. I like guys who come forward so it makes for a great fight. But I need to relax only one bit in training and it opens the door for him."

Tua fought Meehan (41-5) during their respective amateur careers and, of course, recorded a devastating second round KO over Cameron (29-4) in 200, but he cannot pick a victor from this match-up.

"I can't decide," Tua said. "I like and love these guys because I've shared the ring with both of them. I just hope nobody gets seriously hurt."