Former two-division world champion Juan Manuel "Juanma" Lopez was arrested on Tuesday night, after a former partner filed a complaint against him for an alleged pattern of domestic violence.

The retired boxer was seen handcuffed at the headquarters of the Caguas police department, where he turned himself in, escorted by agents of the Puerto Rico police.

The former athlete arrived to the station accompanied by his lawyer, Jaime Barceló Sosa, but did not make any statements to the press.

In an interview with Telenoticias, prosecutor Jaime Perea indicated that the alleged victim had already been interviewed.

It is expected that the charges against López will be filed on Wednesday.

His former partner, Andrea Ojeda, accused López of physical and verbal abuse in publications that were made on her Instagram account.

Ojeda, who calls herself "La Pekistana" on her social networks, shared a series of videos in which she called Lopez "an abuser."

She also accused him of having problems with alcohol. In addition, she presented images of facial bruising that Lopez allegedly inflicted on her.

Ojeda stated that she decided to speak out about the alleged pattern of mistreatment after holding out for a long time. She explained in her social media posts that she did so because her silence was inconsistent with her message of female empowerment.

"I left Juanma because Juanma is an abuser," she said. “Juanma is an abuser, he is an abusive man, he is a man who has alcoholism problems. When Juanma drinks alcohol, he transforms himself into a person he is not."

This is not the first time that López has been accused of mistreatment by an ex-partner.

In 2015, he faced charges of domestic abuse against his then-partner, Geraldine Crespo. The athlete was charged with a violation of Article 3.1 of Law 54 for the Prevention and Intervention with Domestic Violence for an event that occurred on October 31 of that year. In the incident, Crespo suffered trauma to her nose.

The charges were later dismissed, due to Crespo's lack of interest in assisting authorities with the case.

After Ojeda made her accusations, Marangely Lozada, another ex-partner of López, published a message on her Instagram profile in which she detailed her experience with the former fighter.

While she was never physically abused by Lopez, there were other issues which led to their split eight months ago.

“I discovered the problems he has; psychological problems, anxiety, infidelity, a lot of insecurity, alcoholism, depression expressed with aggressiveness, machismo, above everything, he was a very controlling person,” said Lozada.