In a highly contested duel, in a give and take bout, Joselito Velazquez and Carlos Mejia went to a draw in a verdict that is justified, since neither of them deserved to lose.

Velazquez (13-0-1, 9 KOs) came out to fight with great determination and speed, with variety in his offense and at a great pace.

Mejia (6-2-1, 1 KOs) not only withstood Joselito's best punches, but was accurate and forceful on the counterattack.

A former Mexican Olympian, Velazquez, imposed talent and aggressiveness, but was very vulnerable on the defensive side.

Mejia repeatedly reached the face of his adversary, and when he was in the mid-range distance, he hit him with power shots that hurt him.

Joselito tried to impose his punching power and keep the fight at short-range, and although he connected in quantity and with great variety, Mejia was a masterful counter-puncher.

Velazquez visited the canvas twice, Mejia once. And in the same rounds in which someone went down, the dominance would alternate.

The fight, which took place over eight rounds at flyweight, was very dynamic and even during the last minute, with Mejia already with a battered face and Velázquez losing mobility, they continued to exchange blows.

The judges' cards did not define a winner, because although one card scored 77-76 for Carlos Mejia, two judges scored 76-76, so the final result was a draw.