Absolute warfare between junior welterweights Jose Zepeda and Ivan Baranchyk! 8 knockdowns (actually 9) in less than 5 completed rounds. 127 of their 140 combined landed punches were power shots. Baranchyk was knocked out in the fifth.

MGM Grand Conference Center - In a battle of top junior welterweight contenders, Jose Zepeda (33-2-2, 26 KOs) was dropped four times, but also dropped former world champion Ivan Baranchyk (20-2, 13 KOs) four times for a brutal knockout in the fifth.

Baranchyk was throwing a lot of big lefts and rights in the first round. He landed a big right hand that sent Zepeda down. As they were trading a second shot sent Zepeda down again.

Early in the second, Zepeda dropped Baranchyk and he was unsteady on his legs. As Zepeda was trying to finish him off, Baranchyk dropped him for a third time. Baranchyk still seemed unsteady on his legs for most of the round.

They were trading in the third, as Zepeda dropped Barancyk again with a series of hard punches. Zepeda controlled the rest of the round. They were trading a lot of punches in the fourth and Baranchyk had the edge. As they were trading in the closing moments, Baranchyk was dropped once again from a big hook.

In the fifth, the punches were once again flying. Zepeda was dropped for a fourth time as the ropes held him up, but he came back to knock Baranchyk out cold with a vicious hook. The fight was quickly waved off. He was down for a while and eventually helped to the back.