Olympic silver medal winner Joe Joyce maximized his two-inch reach advantage by firing jabs that swelled Daniel Dubois' left eye by round four and had it nearly shut by the end.

A piercing jab to that injured orb caused Dubois to grimace, take a voluntary need and take the full 10-count, acts that led to Joyce becoming the new British, Commonwealth and European heavyweight champion.

This tense, tactical match was dominated by jabs, which comprised 79.6% of Joyce's total output and 61.7% of Dubois' -- far above the heavyweight average of 46% -- while also making up 78.4% of Joyce's total connects and 43.8% of Dubois' (much more than the 34% heavyweight norm).

Because Dubois mixed in more power shots (82-27) and connected more accurately in that regard (44%-24%), Dubois ended the fight ahead 146-125 overall, but the CompuBox round-by-round breakdown of total connects had the fight even at 4-4-2. Joyce was more active (59.1 punches per round to Dubois' 52.8) and led 51-29 in landed body shots but Joyce averaged 10.7 jab connects per round to Dubois' 7.0, and -- in this heavyweight fight at least -- the jab was everything.