Joe Fournier is backing both Tommy Fury and Jake Paul to defeat KSI.

Earlier this month, KSI scored a controversial knockout win over Fournier. The official outcome was later changed to a no-decision when a video replay showed that Fournier was knocked out by an illegal elbow.

After that fight, Tommy Fury entered the ring and went face to face with KSI. After some heated words were exchanged, things became physical and the two rivals were pulled apart.

KSI would like to face Fury or Paul in the coming future. Paul, who Fury decisioned back in February, is scheduled to fight against MMA veteran Nate Diaz on August 5.

Fournier gives KSI no shot to beat Fury - and he believes Paul would beat KSI as well.

"No, he can’t win that fight - Tommy Fury beats him all day long,' Fournier told Daily Mail Sport. 'Fury is a real boxer. People talk about Love Island and might take the p!ss out of him, but I think Jake Paul is better than KSI – and Tommy beat Jake Paul!

"I think Jake Paul should actually be proud of his performance even though he didn’t win. In six years, he caught up with a professional boxer from a great boxing family. Tommy's dad, Peter Fury, knows what he’s talking about; he’s not some dummy. He’s been around boxing all his life. Fury beats KSI and does it comfortably."

Fournier explains that KSI is not a tremendous puncher. KSI rocked him during the bout with accurate punches, but Fournier says the same shots from a true puncher would have knocked him out cold. 

But, he was very impressed with KSI's hand speed.

'We thought he'd be very strong, but he turned out not to be that strong at all,' Fournier explained. 'He doesn’t punch hard. 

"He was very fast; he’s way faster than a lot of professional boxers I’ve been in with. He actually has tremendous speed, but he has no punch power. He hit me with a bowling ball right hand with 10 ounce gloves on. I should've been looking up at the sky. 

"You take any top 25 fighter in the light heavyweight division, they hit you like that and it’s game over. Even a middleweight, a Gennady Golovkin. We knew he’d be awkward, but in the second round I started getting my timing. I got a lot of confidence from the first round, because I realized he doesn’t have any power. The guy’s been knocking out kids and YouTubers, but I wasn’t marked up at all. There’s no power there."