Jesus Ramos landed 14.9 of 57.9 punches per round (25.7%). Ramos landed 42.6% of his power punches, but only 9.8% of his jabs (2.9 of 29.7 per round).

40.7% of Ramos' landed punches are body shots (CompuBox avg.: 29.5%). Ramos opponents landed a healthy 32.2% of their power punches.

Joey Spencer, making a huge step up vs. Ramos, landed 9.1 of just 34.1 punches thrown per round. Spencer landed 40% of his power punches. 36.9% of Spencer's landed punches are body shots.

Spencer opponents landed just 5.6 punches per round (Ramos opp. land 10.1 per round) & just 23.2% of their power punches.