Despite being out of the ring for roughly two years, Jesse Hart looked sharp during his return. On August 12th, at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland, Hart made it look incredibly easy against Elio Heraldo Trosch, stopping him in the second round.

Although Hart may have jumped onto the scales at 172 pounds, his experiment as a light heavyweight is just about over with. Moving forward, the 34-year-old will shrink back down in weight and compete at 168 pounds.

Needless to say, the super middleweight division is jam-packed with otherworldly talent. With his tune-up now out of the way, Hart (29-3, 23 KOs) is looking to get right back in the mix. Amongst a long list of contenders that he could face next, the Philly native finds a showdown against David Benavidez as an intriguing option.

Quietly, Hart has been watching the current WBC interim champion. His skills, talent, and tendencies have all been noted. More than anything, however, Hart has taken a close look at his size.

While he’s skilled, Hart believes that Benavidez has used his physical attributes to overwhelm his opposition. In a clash against him, nevertheless, Hart isn’t convinced that Benavidez has the natural strength to deal with what he’ll bring to the table.

“I’m bigger, I’m taller," said Hart during a recent interview with "When he thinks he’s punching down now, he has to punch to where his nose is when he’s punching me. With Caleb Plant, he’s punching down, with Kyrone Davis he’s punching down. These guys are shorter and aren't as massive as he is. I’m bigger, I’m stronger. He can’t push me back. I know he can’t push me back.”

Benavidez, at the moment, is on the verge of taking on Demetrius Andrade next. The two sides are reportedly ironing out the kinks in their deal behind the scenes with a targeted date of possibly November being eyed.

Hart, to a large extent, will be paying close attention to how it plays out. Regardless of the end result, the longtime contender believes that he could find himself standing across the ring from Benavidez in the near future.

If his thoughts prove to be prophetic, Hart couldn’t give his full thoughts on how it would play out. He does, nevertheless, believe that the fans would get their money’s worth.

“We’ll just have to see if it ever happens. I just know it’ll be one helluva fight.”