For the first time in the career of Stephen Fulton, he’s viewed as a definitive underdog.

In a showdown that will be announced in short order, the Philadelphia native is expected to mosey on over to Japan to take on current pound-for-pound luminary, Naoya Inoue. Before inking his name to the dotted line to face Fulton, Inoue (24-0, 21 KOs) has sliced through his competition.

Most recently, Paul Butler attempted to knock the Japanese off his high horse, only to be met with a one-sided beating, losing their unification bout via 11th-round stoppage. Shortly after fully unifying the bantamweight division, Inoue sat back on his undisputed throne and carefully surveyed the landscape. While he could have opted to remain put, the 29-year-old knew good and well that his competitive juices were unlikely to be placated.

So, in an effort to find new goals and challenges, Inoue decided that a change of scenery was needed. Although he’s being lauded for his willingness to step directly into the line of fire, Jaron Ennis, current welterweight contender and good friend of Fulton, also affectionately known as “Scooter”, doesn't believe that Inoue has made a sagacious decision.

In a vacuum, the 25-year-old Ennis admits that Fulton will have his hands full. However, when it comes down to it, the recently crowned IBF interim titlist simply can’t envision a scenario where "Scooter" comes up short.

“I’m rocking with Scooter,” said Ennis to “He’s not gonna let a smaller guy come up and take his belts.”

Following years of racking up victories and stacking up championship trinkets, Fulton (21-0, 8 KOs) seriously contemplated a move up in weight. Ultimately, his desire to take on one of the sport’s best pound-for-pound fighters was too great of an opportunity to pass up.

On numerous occasions, Ennis has stood side by side with Fulton sharpening their tools together. His overall boxing ability, crafty demeanor, and respectable punching power have all been praised by Ennis. Considering his all-around game and temperament, Ennis merely points to Fulton’s flawless record as an indicator that, come fight night, he won’t come up short.

“He always finds a way to win.”