MTK Global have announced the appointment of Jamie Conlan as Vice President.

Following an illustrious career in which he claimed multiple belts and challenged for the IBF world super flyweight title, Jamie has spent two years working closely with MTK fighters as the company’s Professional Development Coordinator.

That time has given him experience in every facet and at every level of the boxing business, making the 33-year-old Belfast native the ideal candidate for a role which will place him at the forefront of MTK’s continued expansion across the globe.

Speaking on the announcement Jamie Conlan said: “It really is an honour for me to step into the role of Vice President.

"I've seen how much MTK has done to shape a future for boxing, opening the door to real opportunities, particularly for Irish boxing, all over the world so it's a very proud moment for me and I am 100% committed to continuing this charge.

"Through pure heart and determination, MTK has changed the game in boxing, putting the fighter first and as someone who started my journey as a boxer this is my biggest motivation to succeeding in the role."

MTK Global President Bob Yalen said: “It is an honour and a privilege to be working with Jamie in his new capacity as Vice-President.

"It is easy to see him going from terrific fighter to terrific executive. Jamie understands not just the business of boxing, but also the business of being a boxer, giving him an advantage that most executives in their fields don’t have, practical, real-world experience combined with empathy and common sense.

"Jamie provides another example of MTK’s desire to treat boxers not just as commodities but as members of the team. My congratulations to Jamie on a well-deserved promotion."

MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan added: “Jamie has made great strides in the business side of boxing since his appointment as Professional Development Coordinator two years ago.

"He has married his passion and knowledge to achieve the best opportunities for our fighters whilst strengthening relationships in the global industry for MTK and so, it’s only fitting that he be appointed as Vice President as we continue to widen our net in international markets and I have no doubt will add a wealth of depth to the role."