Nakisa Bidarian, manager of Youtube star turned boxer, Jake Paul, admits his client will likely retire from boxing if he suffers a defeat at the hands of MMA veteran Nate Diaz.

Last tonight in Dallas, Paul will collide in a ten round boxing match with Diaz, who is making his professional debut in the squared circle.

Paul is already coming off his first career defeat, after traveling to the Middle East and suffering an eight round split decision loss to Tommy Fury back in February.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, went down in the final round, but used his boxing skills to pile up the points in their contest.

However, a loss against Diaz, who is viewed as an aging MMA star, would be devastating for Paul's boxing future.

"He may retire if he loses to Nate Diaz," Bidarian, the co-founder of Paul's Most Valuable Promotions, told ESPN.

"His boxing career is on the line, in terms of being one of the top three or four guys in the entire sport globally. I think if he was to lose, he'd just go to being another prospect that's coming up in the ring."

On the other hand, Bidarian does not believe Diaz's marketability will be crippled if he loses to Paul.

"I don't think his place in the sport is at stake,' Bidarian added. "I just think it's about what's next for him and how much leverage does he have in dictating what's next versus having to accept what's next."

Paul is no stranger to fighting veterans of combat sports. He holds victories over three former UFC stars - including Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley (twice), and MMA legend Anderson Silva.