Last week, former welterweight champion Shawn Porter appeared on The DAZN Boxing Show and stated that he is picking former UFC star Tyron Woodley to defeat YouTube star Jake Paul (3-0) when they meet August 29th on a Showtime pay-per-view distributed main event.

The fight will take place at a 190 pound catchweight in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland and will be Woodley’s debut as a professional boxer. 

“Unlike a lot of the guys in the UFC and the MMA game Woodley really, really has worked on his hands for a number of years. I've walked into plenty of boxing gyms and just saw him in there training. So I mean, it's no secret if you watch him in the UFC, you've seen that he's pretty decent with his hands," Porter told The DAZN Boxing Show.

“And with that being said, if you want a prediction, I do expect Tyron Woodley to handle the business, to represent for combat sports, because the UFC is a combat sport now. But I find it hard to see Jake Paul beating a true fighter and I know Tyron, I think he was stopped in one of his last fights. And I know it's been a little bit of time since he fought too, but I just can't see that one, man. I can't see Jake Paul getting the upper hand over Tyron Woodley.”

Paul’s trainer, BJ Flores, said that he respects Porter’s opinion but that he is going to be in for a surprise on August 29th and would like to place a friendly wager with him on the outcome. 

“This is one of those situations where a lot of ‘experts’ are going to pick Tyron coming in. Tyron was a very polished UFC champion for a long  period of time and he will be an excellent candidate for the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible,” Flores told 

“However, Tyron has greatly underestimated Jake and very early on it will be a biohazard.  Tyron is in way over his head on August 29. Every single day, we are perfecting the necessary tools to take Tyron into the deep waters and drown him. We are ready today, tomorrow, next week. It doesn't matter.

"Shawn and I can make a friendly wager to make this more interesting." 

The former cruiserweight title challenger expects the fight against Woolley to be his pupil’s coming out party. He believes he will have gained the respect of fans and experts alike for the performance he predicts is forthcoming.  

“After the fight, those same experts need to give Jake his credit for what I am predicting to be a one sided beat down. I'm calling it now, this fight won't make it to the 4th round. I hope Tyron is tough enough to make it to the 4th so Jake can show some of those skills that nobody has got to see yet. If we were not prepared for this fight, I would be the first to say it. Get ready for an eye opening performance from Jake. This is the fight  where people will start to say, ‘that boy good,’" said Flores. 

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