By Edward Chaykovsky

Trainer Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of retired pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr., does not believe that Manny Pacquiao was suffering from an injured right shoulder on May 2nd, when his nephew won a twelve round unanimous decision at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao claimed to have suffered the injury during the fourth round of the contest. He has surgery a few days after the bout.

There were numerous stories after the fight. Initially it was said that Pacquiao suffered the injury in training camp and then the story seemed to shift that it was an old injury that reoccured.

Jeff is not on board with any of those claims. He reviewed the fight several times and says there wasn't a single moment where Pacquiao complained of a shoulder injury.

"Once he got his ass whooped, he made up all of those excuses. Never once in the corner did he complain about this so called injury, and you’re throwing punches at full force from round one to round twelve. Whenever he had those cramps, every time he came to the corner he said, 'Oh I got a cramp in my calf.' Of course everybody knows what that is about, but even when you have Max Kellerman who is the HBO announcer tells you, 'Manny, you did not win that fight.' He made a fool of himself, he really did. All of the credibility that he had, all of the power that he had, and all of the fans that he had behind him, some of them have to look at Manny in a different light," Jeff told On The Ropes Boxing Radio.

Jeff then took him task over some of the religious comments that he made in the pre-fight build-up. Pacquiao had planned to sit down with Mayweather to discuss God.

"Here’s a guy who during the whole press conference all he talked about was God and how after he beats Floyd how he’s gonna sit down and talk to Floyd about God. Once he got his ass whooped, he never mentioned God ever again. I think that you got in that way saying that God chose you to win. Robert Guerrero did the same thing, “God chose me to beat Floyd.” God was there watching both of you and neither of you won, neither one of you even came close to winning," Jeff said.