Chris “Prime Time” Colbert bounced back from his February 2022 unanimous decision loss to Hector Luis Garcia with a razor thin victory over Jose “Rayo” Valenzuela. 

Colbert hit the deck just seconds into the fight last Saturday night but rallied to win 95-94 on all three official scorecards in what was his lightweight debut. 

Many observers felt Valenzuela deserved the nod. 

After Valenzuela complained about the scoring during his post-fight interview, Colbert revealed that he will not give him a rematch. 

“F--- no! He was being a sore loser,” Colbert replied when asked about a rematch versus Valenzuela. “He shouldn’t have been a sore loser. … If he woulda took the loss like a man, I would’ve gave him a rematch. Like I took my loss like a man when I lost. I’d have gave him a rematch, but he was being a sore loser, so now he ain’t gettin’ nuttin’.”

Colbert stated in the post-fight interview that he will be returning to the super featherweight division and instead will focus on getting a rematch against Garcia. 

“I want my belt,” Colbert said. “I want my rematch [with Garcia]. If I can’t get my rematch, then whoever Al Haymon sending me, Imma take him. You know I was never one of those fighters that was shy to take a challenge.”

Garcia shook his head when he was told that Colbert wanted to fight him again. 

“Our fight wasn’t even close. I knocked him down and won 10 out of 12 rounds and I took the fight on 2 weeks notice. Like my coach Bob Santos says, give me a full training camp and I will put an even worse beating on him. I don’t think anyone wants to see that rematch,” Garcia told 

“Most people thought Rayo beat him.  He needs to go back and beat him in a rematch more convincingly and then we can talk about having a rematch.”

Garcia last fought in January when he was stopped by Gervonta “Tank” Davis. He is looking to return this summer. 

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