Eddie Hearn, promoter for unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, does not see anything different from Deontay Wilder after watching several recent training videos. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Wilder was scheduled to face WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on July 24th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Their fight was recently postponed - after Fury was diagnosed with COVID-19. The trilogy fight is now being positioned to take place on a date in October.

Back in February 2020, Fury dominated and stopped Wilder in the seventh round.

Since then, Wilder made several changes in his camp and elevated former foe Malik Scott to a top trainer position.

Back in 2014, Wilder knocked out Scott in a single round. They would later become close fiends and often trained together. 

Scott is confident in Wilder's abilities to make the right adjustments to get revenge on Fury.

However, Hearn doesn't see anything different in Wilder.

“A guy doesn’t just grow ability overnight, that’s the difference,” Hearn told the DAZN Boxing Show. “[He looks] exactly the same. You’ve seen clips on Instagram of him hitting pads with Malik Scott.

“The movement? Exactly the same. The footwork? Exactly the same. You’re not gonna teach him new tricks. Yes, he will always be dangerous, he will always have the ability to take any heavyweight out with one punch Therefore you cannot rule him out in this fight and I’m not saying he doesn’t have a chance. He’s exactly the same fighter.

“He’s also, mentally, completely and utterly defeated. You only have to look at the, almost like the psychoanalysis of what’s unfolded in the last three or four months. His comments and everything. He’s not just gonna learn things with Malik Scott to beat Tyson Fury.”