Eddie Hearn, promoter for former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, has denied Tyson Fury's claim that contract has been sent for a September mega-fight at Wembley Stadium in London.

On Friday, Fury took to social media to announce that draft of a contract had been issued to Joshua.

'A few days ago I sent a draft contract to Anthony Joshua for a fight in September [at] Wembley Stadium. It's a fight that everyone wants to see including myself,' Fury stated.

'Come of AJ lets give the world what they want to see. This time I'm not gonna make a million vids and keep putting pressure on. The ball is now on your side."

Fury, who holds the WBC heavyweight title, has been out of the ring since last December, when he dominated and stopped Derek Chisora in their trilogy fight. 

While no contract has been sent over to Joshua, Hearn does confirm that he's having discussions with Fury's co-promoter, George Warren of Queensberry Promotions.

Joshua currently has a two-fight plan of coming back in August and then facing Deontay Wilder in December in the Middle East.

If that two-fight plan falls through, Hearn is ready to work out the terms for Fury.

"I don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers, but at the same time I feel like it's important to tell you what's happening and also I don't want someone trying to make Anthony Joshua look bad for no reason," Hearn told IFL TV. 

"First things first, we have been sent no contract. No contract has been sent. Tyson Fury came out last night and said, 'I have sent the contract to Anthony Joshua's team', he hasn't, his team hasn't, we've been sent no contract for a fight in September. On Tuesday or Wednesday, George Warren sent me an email and said, 'Look, would you be interested in a fight in September? We've discussed terms before. We don't think it'll be that hard to make. What are your thoughts?'

"I rang George Warren immediately and said, 'Listen, we're planning our August fight and we are obviously in negotiations in Saudi Arabia for the [Deontay Wilder] fight in December. If we can't get that model moving, we would be more than happy to look at a Tyson Fury fight.

'Honestly, nothing else to tell you at this point other than there has not been any contract sent to us, but we are talking to George Warren and if our plans don't come to fruition we would of course be open to discussing a fight with Tyson Fury."