Death, taxes, and Artur Beterbiev putting someone to sleep are seemingly the only things guaranteed in life. Whether they were rough and rugged or attempted to box and move, the Russian champion always found a way to put his opponents out of their misery.

On August 19th, in his adopted hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KOs) will look to defend his WBO, WBC, and IBF light heavyweight titles against fairly new 175-pound contender, Callum Smith.

For the former super middleweight belt holder, he's told all who would listen that Beterbiev is on the verge of suffering his first defeat. But most of the boxing world has been too busy laughing to take his words seriously. Eddie Hearn, on the other hand, believes Smith wholeheartedly.

With the stakes extremely high, a win in any capacity will be satisfying for Smith. That said, Hearn doesn’t believe that Smith will eke out a close decision on the judges’ scorecards. Hearn hug deep into his pockets recently before finding his crystal ball. Once he gave it a glance, the longtime promoter revealed that Smith is going to pull a Beterbiev on Beterbiev.

“Callum Smith is gonna knock Beterbiev spark out," said Hearn to Fight Hub TV. “He’s definitely slipping, he’s 39 years old.”

Not quite 39 just yet, Beterbiev, 38, still looks like the monster that came onto the scene several years ago. He still walks forward with a high guard, deflects the innocuous blows of rivals, and once he gets in range, he turns their lights out. Anthony Yarde though, has convinced Hearn that he has a few holes in his armor.

In the first month of the new year, it took Beterbiev eight rounds to send the Brit to the emergency room, something many believed would take place a lot sooner.

Smith, for the most part, has been eyeing Beterbiev with binoculars from a distance. And, in the meanwhile, he’s been filling out at 175 pounds. Two jaw-dropping knockouts have both Smith and Hearn feeling confident about his chances.

Playing the role of a prophet isn't Hearn’s specialty but with more than a month away from their showdown, he can see precisely how things are going to play out. From the exact in-ring scenario to the very punch Smith will end up throwing to end the night, Hearn can see the future unfolding as clear as day.

“He’s gonna be up against the ropes, Beterbiev is gonna come like he does, he’s gonna square up his feet and Callum is gonna do what he does best which is catch counter with the left hook. One punch knockout.”