Former two division champion Ricky Hatton has cautioned Amir Khan to avoid going toe to toe with his domestic rival, Kell Brook.

The two former champs are going to settle their longstanding rivalry on Saturday night at the Manchester Arena.

Khan has the advantage in speed - but that factor could be nullified if the Bolton boxer decides to have close exchanges with Brook.

"Maybe it should have happened a few years ago but I think it's an even better fight now. As you get older you don't have the same stamina or speed," Hatton told Sky Sports.

"Amir has the speed, the boxing ability, the footwork and movement to give Kell trouble. But Amir gets drawn into a fight - and that's why we love him! As he gets older Amir might go into the trenches early which will make for a great fight. From rounds six, seven, eight and nine - Amir can get drawn in. Then it shifts into Kell's favor."

Khan believes Brook is a broken fighter with a suspect chin and a damaged sense of confidence.

Hatton believes Khan is playing mind games with his upcoming opponent. However, Hatton does not believe Brook, who appears bothered by some of the taunts, is actually taking the bait.

"Amir is playing mind games. With Mayweather when we did our press conference, I made jokes which upset Floyd. On the train back to London, steam was coming out of his ears! I went a little bit over the top at the weigh-in," Hatton said.

"You need to stay cool, stay confident, stick to the game-plan. Amir has had a few digs at Kell. I don't think Kell is falling for it. It is not the same game-plan."