Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Welcome to Manchester ahead of another big night of boxing, live and exclusive around the world and part of an incredible schedule on DAZN. We were in Las Vegas last weekend for a great show, we’re in Manchester this week and next week, Devin Haney takes on Ryan Garcia in Brooklyn before we’re back for the NXTGEN in Liverpool. Then it’s the small matter of Canelo vs. Munguia live on DAZN on Cinco de Mayo, then we’re in Mexico and then off to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for Fury vs. Usyk with Opetaia vs. Breidis and Cordina vs. Cacace on a fantastic card. A week later, Josh Taylor takes on Jack Catterall in Leeds before we go back to Riyadh for what will be announced on Monday with Bivol vs. Beterbiev and the Matchroom-Queensbury 5 vs 5, and I can confirm that is the best card I’ve ever seen from top to bottom on June 1. On June 15 we’re in Puerto Rico for Subriel Matias defending his World title against Liam Paro and at the end of that month, Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez challenges Juan Francisco Estrada in what I believe will be the fight of the year.

“We’re here to talk about Manchester though and what a cracking main event we’ve got. Exactly the type of fight we should be making as the hometown kid Zelfa Barrett takes on Jordan Gill, fresh from his stunning victory over Michael Conlan. Ellie Scotney is in a huge unification match-up against Segolene Lefebvre, Rhiannon Dixon goes for her first World title against Karen Carabajal, and there’s great talent on the card and real ding-dong match-up between Michael Gomez Jr and Kane Baker.”

Jordan Gill:

“It’s the biggest fight of my career so far, I am super-chilled, we’re having a good time. We had a good time in Belfast, we’re having a good time in Manchester, it’s a good city. I’m just looking forward to fighting and rolling the dice again. I went to Belfast to fight Conlan, I’m coming to Manchester to fight Zelfa, I’m just enjoying myself and long may it continue. 

“I feel very calm, everything in my life is good now. I’ve got a good team behind me, I feel happy, I feel settled, 130 is making me live a normal life. I don’t have to weigh everything I’m eating in and out of camp, it’s fantastic. I’m in a good place and I’m ready to fight, it’s going to be a great fight.

“I’m a non-puncher, Eddie. I think it’s going to be a great fight. It depends, there’s a lot of variables, Zelfa is versatile, he does a lot of things well, has lots of strings to his bow. He’s a good mover, he can punch, he’s good on the counter, he’s very fast, so I can’t see a way this fight isn’t going to be exciting. As a boxing fan and a boxer myself, that just makes me excited for it. There’s going to be a bit of everything in this fight, moments where it’s cagey, moments where we’re boxing, moments when he’s pressuring, when I’m pressuring, so it’s exciting, there will be blood and guts and I’m here for it.

“Imagine how much power I’d have if we got Barry to dress up as Spider Man?! I think we missed a trick there! I feel like I’m punching hard, I’m strong at the weight, I’m developing. I turned pro so young; I had my debut 7 days after my 18th birthday. I feel like I’m a late developer, and now you are seeing the best of me, the true Jordan Gill. I’m not restricted at the weight, I feel solid, so I am punching hard.

“For sure it’s must-win. If either of us want to fight for a World title, we’ve got to win this fight. That’s why it’s so exciting because there’s a lot on the line. It’s a fight everyone has been looking forward to, two Brits that are above British and European level, it makes it exciting, there’s a lot on the line for us both. When the fight was put to me, I said yes straight away. Not because I dislike Zelfa, I like him, he’s a good guy and I have respect for him and his team, but when we get in the ring on Saturday, the person you are fighting isn’t a person, they are just a target, and you have to go for that target.”

Zelfa Barrett:

“It’s a dream come true, thank you to yourself and the team. I’ve been running past the Manchester Arena, was there when Anthony Crolla boxed Darleys Perez twice, Jorge Linares, when Scott Quigg beat Kiki Martinez, watched Ricky Hatton there. So, it’s a nice achievement to headline there myself.

“Jordan is a good fighter and he’s got a good team around him, but I believe I’m better than him in every way, shape, and form. He said he’s going knock me out, crazy, but we’ll see.

“I’m expecting a great fight. He’s a good fighter and he’s got a new team around him, some tricks up his sleeve. I can just see what he comes out and brings, and I will adapt from that. I’m expecting a good fight, and there’s only one winner, and that’s me. 

“My left hook is crazy but we’re not relying on that. It’s hard work and dedication, but I’ve got the power to destroy him. He’s a good fighter, I’m not going to take that away from him, he’s going to be calculated, but there’s one winner and that’s me.

“Defeat doesn’t cross my mind. I just think about what I am going to eat after the fight when I’ve won.”

Ellie Scotney:

“As soon as I won the World title we sat down, and the unification was what I wanted next. Obviously, there was one fight in-between, but all that matters is Saturday night, and that’s the next step and I’m ready to go.

“Shane and I have watched Segolene, she’s someone that I’ve looked at before I even won the World title, we tried to make the fight and it didn’t align, but we’re fighting for even more on Saturday night.

“I think that these are the fights where you will see the best of me. I’ve got to show a side of me that I haven’t done previously, this is the fight that’s going to bring it and I’m excited for you all to see.

“It’s massive, but all that matters is Saturday, that’s all I’ve got my eyes on.”

Segolene Lefebvre:

“Thank you to you Eddie and for the welcome in England. It’s obviously a big boxing country and I’m delighted to be here to unify the division, and there’s no doubt in my mind, I’m not here to surrender my belt, the plan is to take both back belts to France.

“The win is the win, that’s the objective. If it comes by KO, fantastic, so much the better, but the most important thing is to give everything I can and show people here what a French fighter can really do.”

Rhiannon Dixon:

“I’m really excited for this, and I can’t thank you enough for it. You took a risk on a girl from white collar boxing, I was a pharmacist at the time, and I’m going to repay the favour on Saturday and show that I belong at this level. 

“Confidence was a massive thing when Anthony and I got together, he believed in me, so it was just me believing in myself. You can see from my walk-ons, I cringe at myself it’s so embarrassing and I’ll do it on Saturday as well, but I know I am at this level and I can’t wait to show it and bring a World title back to Warrington.

“I’m excited for those big opportunities but with women’s boxing, you don’t know who is going where, girls go up and down the weights, so I am excited, and we’ll see what opportunities are out there after that.”

Karen Carabajal:

“I want to say thank you for this opportunity to once again have this chance to fight for a World title. We’re completely ready for this opportunity, we’ve been preparing extremely hard and we’re totally ready for Saturday night.

“It was a great opportunity to come here and fight Katie Taylor for the World title. It was almost an opportunity that was new to us, but it made us extremely sure that we belong at this level. Going away from our country to fight Katie was a fight we needed, and we’re really prepared and hungry to do well on Saturday.”

Michael Gomez Jr:

“I can’t wait, let’s go, there’s nothing else to say. Everyone’s ready for this, from the first bell, it’s going off, for as long as it lasts it’s going to be fun. 

“He can only go to the ropes anyway, we’re either head-to-head or on the ropes, nowhere else to go. I’m going to be in his face, and someone is going to get hurt. 

“One of us is going to get stopped, it could be me, I’m not stupid and saying it can’t be, but one of us is getting stopped and more than likely, it’s going to be him.”

Kane Baker:

“Our styles are going to gel and 100 per cent you are going to get a great fight on Saturday night. It’ll be a non-stop, crowd-pleasing fight, engines, and punching, and that’s what we want.

“The experiences and being a late starter in boxing, I’ve learnt on the job, and I’ve had some tough experiences, but I think it’s made me a better fighter and it’s all prepared me for Saturday to become the English champion, so I am happy. In Mexico, there were no tacos or tequila, just sparring, and it’s all going to show on Saturday night.

“Put us in a phone box and let’s go.”

Jordan Flynn:

“Thank you to Matchroom and everyone involved for keeping me on the card. We’ve got a lot of people traveling up from Oxford, hundreds coming with their hotels booked so it’s a big thing that I am still on the card.

“On to Cameron, I don’t really know what’s happened to him, he’s pulled out with a minor injury, with no explanation as to what that injury is. He was talking about playing with me with only one hand, but he’s pulling out with a minor injury, so he must be playing with something else with one hand.

“It’s important to be active so if anything, it’s worked out great for me, I’m getting a fight in and then I’m going to fight him in June, if that’s when it’s happening. The main thing is getting active, if I wasn’t still fighting, I’d be very annoyed, but the fact is that I am so thank you to yourself and 25/8 Management for making that happen.”

William Crolla:

“This is my fifth fight 11 months after my debut, it’s flown by, and I believe that you only have to watch my recent performances to see I’m a totally different fighter from my debut. I’m coming into my element now, I’m sitting down on my shots, and on paper, Saturday night is a step-up in rounds and opponent, so I should get some rounds in, but if I go about my business like I have in the gym, I believe it will be another early night.

“At the minute, the gym is flying, there’s a lot of new signings in there, and I am just trying to better myself every day to compete at their level and I believe I have been doing that and on Saturday it will show a massive improvement from when you last saw me.

“It’s the biggest night for Anthony since he started the gym and I believe it will be a good one.”

Jimmy Sains:

“Just shy of 100 people coming up from Essex and London to Manchester. I’m not really looking for the knockout, but it would be nice, hopefully we can go 4-0 with four KOs. 

“I learnt loads in Las Vegas and Santa Monica, but Tony Sims has definitely brought us back down to reality very quickly, straight on the triangle runs, but it was a great experience to live like a pro for five weeks in a camp house with John Ryder and Joe Cordina, I learnt loads and I want to show everyone that. It’s my first six rounder, so I want to take my time a little bit more and show everyone my boxing ability.”

Ste Clarke:

“I’m buzzing to be on such a big card again and thanks to everyone that’s bought a ticket. I’ve always had big support and I’m looking to put on a good performance on Saturday night.

“I just want to get out, be as active as possible, gain experience and we’ll go from there.”

Jack Turner:

“Thank you to my team, Eddie and Matchroom for getting me on such a big show. Come Saturday, you can expect a big knockout. It’s been hard getting sparring lately, I’ve had a tough Mexican over, but I’ve just been playing with them. 

“Everyone thinks that I can just fight, but it’s not me that picks my opponents, all I have is someone in front of me and I just keep knocking them out and I’m not here to mess around, I’m here to put a statement on this Saturday night and go on to win titles.”

Brandon Scott:

“Sunny Edwards will be working alongside Lee Eaton to co-manage me which is crazy to think about. I remember meeting Sunny at The O2 when Lomachenko fought Luke Campbell, and then he was in my corner in my last fight at The O2, and now he’s co-managing me and sat in a Spider Man costume, this is just proof that we live in a simulation.

“This is it now, I’ve got both of my hands, and whatever you see on Saturday, I can confidently say ‘that’s me’. You probably live in Groundhog Day Eddie, you go to another country, you do a press conference, so I thought I’d spice it up a little bit, but I’m also going to be entertaining in the ring, showing everyone how good I am.”