Former world champion Carl Froch is expecting a demolition job this coming Saturday night, when Tyson Fury collides in the ring with Francis Ngannou.

The fight, which takes place in Saudi Arabia, will see Ngannou - a former UFC heavyweight champion - make his professional boxing debut against the man most observers view as the best heavyweight in the world. Fury's WBC title will not be at stake.

To prepare for the fight, Ngannou secured the training services of former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Froch feels Ngannou is in way over his head. He gives the 57-year-old Mike Tyson a better shot at beating Fury.

“Bringing Mike Tyson in has brought more interest to it, it's like he's glamorized the event. Wherever he goes he's like a god. He f------- mad, brilliant fighter and the ultimate fighting machine. There's an argument to say Mike Tyson would give Tyson Fury a better fight than Francis Ngannou. He's got all of that experience, he's an old man, but he'd give Tyson Fury more of a fight for two or three rounds than Francis Ngannou is going to manage. The trainer has got more of a chance than Ngannou, 100 percent. He has, hasn't he? You can't argue with that," Froch said to Best Gambling Sites.

“Listen, this is a f------- sparring session, probably the easiest spar he's ever had. I don't care that Ngannou can punch, a mule can kick really hard, but he’s never going to be able to line it up. Fury’s not going to be worried about getting hit by that monstrous punch because I've seen Ngannou on the pads and he looks terrible. He looks like what I'd expect a zero fight novice to look like. Ngannou looked slow, awkward, stiff - how is he going to get near Fury? He's going to get his head absolutely peppered off.”