Carl Froch has once again lashed out at Anthony Joshua, as the former super middleweight champion erupted over Joshua's recent statements regarding former trainer Robert McCracken.

Joshua had worked with McCracken in the amateurs and for most of his professional career. He decided to part ways with the veteran coach in the aftermath of his first decision loss to Oleksandr Usyk in 2021.

The British star would then hire Robert Garcia, but that relationship fell apart after Joshua lost the rematch with Usyk.

Since the start of the year, Joshua is being trained by Derrick James.

During a recent interview, Joshua implied that he wasted his best years as a pro with McCracken.

"Rob McCracken's a really good coach, the only thing I'd say is look at Carl Froch's nose. He just didn't teach me defense," Joshua told Boxing News.

"And in heavyweight boxing, the level of competition I was facing at that stage of my career, I was getting hit way too much with clean shots. I was sparring Solomon Dacres... the tall six foot five guy, in Miami for [Andy] Ruiz, who’s five foot. Rob was in Japan for the Olympics. He only came back seven weeks before it. I just know it’s not good enough for where I’m at.

"Derrick reminds me of Rob but a lot more invested… Rob was too committed to the Olympic team, not pros. I gave Rob my best years, now I've got to dig deep to get them back."

Froch, who was trained during his successful career by McCracken, was furious with Joshua's take on the matter.

"Listen, first of all you've gotta laugh. Secondly, what I'll say to that is - for a grown man to try and personally insult another grown man on his physical appearance, for me that's a b!tch move. I sincerely hope he's talking about the old nose, not the new reconstructed piece of artwork that I'm carrying round on my face at the minute. Because I'm actually quite happy with this nose," Froch told Talk Sport.

"But my nose aside and my aesthetic features aside, I'm looking at this as a real dig at Rob McCracken. Rob McCracken is a man that first of all got AJ out of jail. I'm gonna pause now because I'm not gonna go into that. He got him out of jail, literally. Do your research, I'm not gonna elaborate on that. He also guided him to an Olympic gold medal in 2012, Olympic champion.

"He's working with someone who's not a natural fighter in Anthony Joshua, not had that amateur pedigree as a schoolboy coming through. He did a fantastic job, got him an Olympic gold medal in 2012. Then he guided him to, not one, but two world titles. And he's got the audacity and the disrespect to say that he wasted years with Rob McCracken and he didn't teach him defense. For me, that's disgusting. There's no comeback from that for me for AJ. I'm not gonna hold it against him because he's done what he feels is right for him, and he's having a little personal dig at me which is fine… It's out of order what he said about Rob McCracken, I think he'll probably regret saying what he said."