Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch is over the moon with the recent news that a deal was finalized for an undisputed fight between heavyweight world champions Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

They attempted to make a deal earlier this year, but the fighters were unable to agree on the financial terms for the rematch.

Fury will return to the ring later this month in a crossover fight, when he faces former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a crossover boxing match.

Once the smoke has cleared on the Ngannou bout, a date will be set for Fury-Usyk.

While Fury will be a solid favorite to win, Froch believes Usyk is certainty capable of upsetting the odds.

“It's something we needed - an undisputed heavyweight champion. F------ brilliant. Fair play to everybody involved. I think Frank Warren has done a fantastic job getting it over the line and I'm really pleased, not only as a fan but for the sport of boxing, and I hope it happens.  I'm a bit skeptical that it's going to happen a month or so after the Ngannou fight, but then again it will probably be that easy for Fury to beat Ngannou - he’ll just use it as a sparring session - and then maybe he does go into the Usyk fight straight after," Froch told Best Gambling Sites.

“I can make a case of Usyk beating Fury, he has the skills and the ability and he's used to fighting bigger guys since he entered the heavyweight division, he's thicker set and he’s put a bit of weight on, and he seems to be able to hold his own. But he is getting older and slowing down a little bit, but so is Fury, so he could outbox, outwork, and outskill him.

"Also is Fury at his best? He puts weight on between fights. He’s carrying a lot of belly fat around, he’s got love handles, and if Fury is not firing on all cylinders, and Usyk turns up and puts on a career best performance, Usyk will win and win comfortably, but I just think it’s going to be taken seriously by both of them - and a good Fury beats a good Usyk in a good very close fight and an awkward fight. I think Fury nullifies his work and ties him up. I’m not so sure if he gets the stoppage.  I just think that the size of Fury will be a problem. I don't think Usyk can make that range up against the 6 '9 Fury.”