Former world champion Carl Froch was one of the many boxers who ridiculed the crossover fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

Very few observers gave Ngannou - a former UFC champion who was making his pro boxing debut - a shot at winning the fight.

Most expected a mismatch, and many predicted a stoppage victory inside the distance.

The opposite took place, with Fury getting dropped in the third round and struggling to win a razor-close ten round split decision.

Froch was shocked at the turn of events - as he believes Ngannou did enough to pull off a massive upset.

"You've got Ngannou getting in the ring last night against Fury and we're thinking he's making his pro debut but Fury's the best heavyweight in the world," Froch stated on Talk Sport. "He's WBC lineal heavyweight champion.

"So he's got no chance, but actually Ngannou was in the fight counterpunching, looking for the jab, he landed that left hook in round three and did he make a mockery of the current heavyweight champion? What did Fury do wrong? Fury may have been ill-prepared but he was still behind his jab, still throwing plenty of feints.

"But Ngannou was very, very good, I though exceptionally good for a debutant and I didn't score the fight. I certainly watched it, didn't score it but you get a feel for who you think's won the fight and with that knockdown in round three I just think Ngannou's won that fight.

"I think the CompuBox statistics show that Fury landed more punches in six or seven of the rounds. And they're counting jabs as well. If somebody lands ten clean jabs in one round and the opposing fighter lands one big right hand who wins that round? The guy who's got behind his jab or the guy that's landed the eye catching right hand and looks to have hurt his opponent?

"It's subjective, me myself I like to see some damage be done with a big right hand so you think 'oh he's winning the fight here'. Some people like to see somebody winning behind the jab so you could argue a lot of the rounds that were close went to Fury but just look at his face at the end of the fight! Left eye nearly closed, little nick on his head and Ngannou was unmarked pretty much.

"Fury looked like he got beat up and won the split decision. I agree that he won that split decision because of what's going to happen, the Saudi money is massive, they've got the big expectations of December 23 with the unification fight between Fury and Usyk

"So unfortunately for Ngannou he's fought the fight of his life on his pro debut against arguably the best heavyweight of the current era and he's been robbed of a decision. It sounds ridiculous and ludicrous but I think the general consensus is exactly what I've just said; Ngannou was robbed!"