Ryan Garcia can be described by using a ton of words. Flamboyant? Sure. Loquacious? Absolutely. A bit big-headed? At times. A lady's man? Without question. A terrific fighter? In the eyes of most, yes. Entirely too cocky and full of himself? From Floyd Schofield Jr.’s point of view, he certainly is.

Garcia can be a bit all over the place when he chooses to be. Shortly after picking up the win over Oscar Duarte at the tail end of 2023, Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) began negotiating terms that would see him take on Devin Haney. Nevertheless, Garcia eventually flung open the room door and walked out, claiming that he no longer needed Haney. He then attempted to make things happen with Rolando “Rolly” Romero. Those talks, of course, went nowhere.

Isaac Cruz was his latest target, but like everyone else, talks fell through. Nowadays, Garcia bombastically bloviates that he’s one of the sports pay-per-view stars and that fighters should be forming a line around the block to face him.

For the most part, Schofield has placed his fingers in his ears and done his best to ignore the hubris-filled words of Garcia. But, no matter how hard he tries, Garcia continues to annoy him. From his standpoint, there’s only one way to shut Garcia up, and that’s by using his fists.  

“I would love to take that fight to humble him,” Schofield told FightHype.com during a recent interview.

Schofield isn’t on Garcia’s radar, not in the slightest. It isn’t because of his talent but more so due to his lower profile and the fact that he competes one weight class below.

Currently, Schofield is doing his best to elevate his name and build his brand but he knows that won’t come overnight. In terms of their weight gap, however, Schofield doesn’t believe that would be much of an issue. If Garcia arbitrarily decided to take him on, Schofield revealed that he’d make the move five pounds north in a heartbeat.  

“I would move up for that.”