Abu Dhabi - In an exhibition fight, scheduled for eight rounds, which were two-minutes long, former five division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0, 27 KOs) took part in his third non-sanctioned bout. He had very issues, if any, in going eight rounds with undefeated 45-year-old Don Moore (18-0-1, 12 KOs).

There were no scores and no official winner was announced.

Mayweather, also 45-years-old, officially retired back in August of 2017. He fought Youtube star Logan Paul in an exhibition back in June of 2021. 

Moore, who was Mayweather's former sparring partner, had been inactive since 2016. 

The entrance of Mayweather seemed to take forever. Once the action began, it was a technical star with both circling and jabbing. There wasn't much action at the start. The second was a little more active than the first. Mayweather was outboxing Moore in a slow-paced fight. Mayweather began to get a little more active in the third, but wasn't really pressing the action. Moore was unable to land much of anything.

Mayweather began to let his hands go more often in the fourth, with quick punches tagging Moore to the head and body.  Maywewather continued to up the pressure in the fifth, coming forward and getting aggressive. Moore was trying to fire back but he was getting overwhelmed at this point and looked to be in trouble. Mayweather worked him over with quick shots the head and body for most of the two minutes.

In the sixth, Moore was moving and jabbing to keep Mayweather away. Mayweather eventually broke the distance and began to work over Moore with hard punches. Once the round ended, Mayweather then strutted around the ring and started dancing with a ring card girl. Moore tried to explode with punches during the seventh. Mayweather covered up for the most part and then went back to tagging up Moore, who was hurt by an uppercut. Moore managed to survive, but he took punishment.

At the start of the eight, Mayweather pressed the action on Moore, who was backing up with his hands up. Mayweather rocked him again with a series of punches. A hard body shot sent Moore down in pain. Moore beat the count. When the action resumed, Mayweather jumped on him with heavy punches. Moore was being bombarded with shots, barely making it to the final bell.