Cruiserweight contender Evgeny Tishchenko will look to bounce back from his first career defeat, with a return being planned for a date in September in Chelyabinsk.

And the potential opponent is his Russian compatriot Dmitry Kudryashov.

Back in March, Tishchenko lost a twelve round decision to Thabiso Mchunu. And the two months later, Kudryashov lost a twelve round decision to Evgeny Romanov.

Tishchenko, a 2016 Olympic gold medal winner, hopes to get himself right back in position for a world title shot.

"I hope to hold my next fight in September. Right now we are waiting for the date from the Ice Palace in Chelyabinsk. This is the approximate period for the fight. We want a showcase return. We will choose our opponent from the top 15 in the ratings, so that our victory will allow us to regain our position at least a little bit. And from this fight we will make a fresh start in terms of future prospects," Tishchenko said to Vasily Konov.

"As I understand, on the [13th of September] in the city of Chelyabinsk, they will be doing a big show, in the main event Muhammad Yakubov will perform. And I would like to get on this card. There is no specifics about the opponents, because negotiations are underway, and depending on them, everything can change,.

“I saw information about a fight with Kudryashov, after which it became known that negotiations were now underway. The talks are still ongoing. So, as an option - I will fight in September with Kudryashov. We both suffered failures in our last fights. It seems to me that such a confrontation would create excitement with the audience, and it would also be interesting for ourselves. But so far the contracts have not been signed, everything is under negotiation."