Chris Eubank Jr. believes he will be severely handicapped the night he faces Conor Benn—and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eubank indicated at a recent press conference for his highly anticipated grudge match with countryman Benn on Oct. 8 at The O2 Arena in London that the attendant catchweight and rehydration clause will impair him, preventing him from being in tip-top form on the night of their fight.

And yet, Eubank, a 32-year-old career middleweight and super middleweight, conceded that the fight, which is reportedly contracted at 157 pounds, would not only not have been made but would not be competitive if those restrictions had not been applied.

Benn, 25, has fought at the welterweight limit of 147-pounds his entire career.

Whether he is humble-bragging or simply being honest (or both), Eubank made it clear that even at only about half-capacity he would be able to have his way with Benn.

“The weight, yeah, I’m going to have to get to a weight which I haven’t been since I was 18 years old,” Eubank said. “Tt’s going to be tough, very painful to do. Not being able to put on a certain amount of weight after the [weigh-in]––the restrictions are fair. They are fair, because you are coming up. I won’t be 100% on the night and you will.”

Benn retorted straightaway saying “That screams excuses.”

“Well, I can’t be anything but real,” Eubank continued. “That’s the weight we agreed on. I can’t be 100% when I have to go down to a weight I’ve never been to and I can’t rehydrate fully. I can’t be 100%. That’s fair, because if I’m 100% it’s a public execution. We can’t do that. So I have to be at a disadvantage to make the fight reasonable. Let’s be serious.

“I’ll be 60% on the night and that will be enough to do whatever I want with you.”

Both fighters are coming off wins. Eubank picked up a unanimous decision over Liam Williams in February at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales. Benn stopped Chris van Heerden inside two rounds in April at Manchester Arena in Manchester.