Eduardo "Sugar" Nunez achieved his 23rd victory, and also his 23rd knockout, by blasting out Adrián "Gallero" Pacheco in the tenth round, in a fight with a lot of action. It was the main event of the boxing evening presented by Bxstrs in Ciudad Guzmán, and broadcast on ESPN KnockOut.

Núnez (23-1-0, 23 KO's) was the dominator from the first round, but not only with aggressiveness and power shots, but also based on consistent boxing, combinations, punishing shots with both hands up and down and to maintain a balance between rhythm and consistency and managing distance.

“Gallero” Pacheco (10-5-1, 5 KO’s) was not only a brave, resistant and enduring rival, but also dangerous on the counterattack and constantly accepted exchanges.

The precise and powerful body punishment from Nunez created havoc in the second half of the fight - which diminished Pacheco.

In the fifth round, Nunez's powerful shots to the face, mainly crosses and straight right hands, made bloodied Pacheco. From the seventh round, Pacheco continued to take punishment but he also refused to go down and would fire back at all times.

However, Núnez showed maturity because he did not get frustrated. He kept punishing and being very precise with his punches. Final, the end came with 39 seconds left in the final round as Pacheco was taking a beating.