Heavyweight contender Derek Chisora is going to press hard to knock former WBO world champion Joseph Parker out in their upcoming rematch.

Chisora, who dropped Parker in the first round of their May bout, lost a close twelve round split decision.

The rematch takes place on December 18 at the Manchester Arena.

Chisora is working with veteran coach David Coldwell, who prepared the 37-year-old veteran for his 2019 blowout of Artur Spilzka.

"Training wise it’s been amazing, we’ve got a lot of fighters in there. They always say you don’t finish learning, you learn every day, and if you don’t want to learn every day you’re a fool. I’ve come today to learn more. When I go in the gym, the first day I went back, I told him: 'I don’t come with ego or anything, so I will ask you questions like I’m a five-year-old. I’ll go back and back and keep asking you.' He understood that, so training together has been amazing. Everything he wants me to do I’m trying and I’m doing it," Chisora said.

To avoid any possibility of controversy, Chisora is not fixated on getting a decision or even reaching the final bell. He wants to do everything possible to end Parker before the end of the twelfth round.

"You’re going to see so many changes, we’re going for a stoppage to be honest with you. I know most people wonder why I’ve been talking about the refs, it’s just one of those things. We know exactly what Joseph’s going to try to do. He’s going to try and come in the later rounds and push his power and speed."