No matter the weight or locale, Demetrius Andrade has openly stalked Canelo Alvarez, poking, goading, and antagonizing him to no end.

For a large portion of their respective careers, the two have fought in the exact same weight class. Now, after capturing world titles as junior middleweights and middleweights, the two find themselves on the same stomping grounds once again.

Uninterested in facing unknown names during his middleweight reign, Andrade (32-0, 19 KOs) believed that his career would benefit tremendously from a change of scenery. So, in his first official showing as a super middleweight, the now 35-year-old made his presence known, winning a lopsided decision against Demond Nicholson.

With his name officially in the mix, Andrade knows that if his championship dreams were to be placated, he’ll need to face off against Alvarez, the division’s undisputed kingpin, at some point.

Up until now, however, the Mexican product has shown no interest in squaring off against the American star, even going as far as to say that Andrade is a “horrible” fighter in years past. Be that as it may, with Andrade once again campaigning in the same weight class as the pound-for-pound star, he firmly believes that he’s backed his man into a corner.

“No more excuses,” said Andrade on his social media account recently. “Stop running." 

In addition to tucking his tail in between his legs and avoiding a showdown against him, Andrade is convinced that Alvarez is ducking the super middleweight division’s top guys. Earlier this month, in his first appearance of the year, Alvarez (59-2-2, 39 KOs) sliced and diced the hapless defense of John Ryder, sending the brave Brit to the canvas before winning a one-sided decision.

His performance, though stellar, hasn’t come with rave reviews from Andrade. Hardware and accomplishments aside, the former two-division champion doesn't believe that Alvarez has essentially paid his dues by facing the best of the best. Until then, the reverence that should be afforded to Alvarez will never be shown.

“Unless you fight real fighters, don’t you ever think of retiring 'cause you would never get the respect from us real fighters. Fight the fights boxing fans actually want to see you fight. Stop running from real fighters.”