UFC President Dana White, who is close friends with Floyd Mayweather, was not surprised that the former five division champion had a lackluster showing in the June exhibition fight with Youtube star Logan Paul.

Mayweather, 44-years-old, came out of retirement to face the 26-year-old Paul.

The Hall of Fame boxer retired from the sport back in August of 2017, when he stopped UFC superstar Conor McGregor in ten rounds. 

Most critics expected Mayweather to win with an early knockout, but the contest went the entire eight round distance.

The muscular Paul held a significant size advantage, with at least a 40-pound edge.

White believes Mayweather was finally showing his age - and he believes the one time pound-for-pound king was well aware that his age affected his performance.

"Have you ever met Floyd Mayweather in person? He's f------ tiny, man," White told Nelk Boys.

"He's tiny, and Logan's f------ big, too. But, I thought he did a good job tying Floyd up, not letting Floyd get off when he was. And Floyd looked old that night, too. And I think Floyd knew he looked old that night."

Mayweather's career rival, Manny Pacquiao, recently took a swipe at his former foe for deciding to fight someone like Paul.

“He’s fighting with a YouTuber just to earn money. And I’m fighting the best to add to my legacy, so that’s different. To fight an easy opponent for the money or to fight one of the best to add to your legacy. It’s different," Pacquiao said.

"I can easily fight an easy opponent or non-boxers. I can easily pick an easy win, but I pick the best because I want to add more to my legacy of accomplishment. It’s a challenge, especially because he’s taller than me. We have a strategy that we can use against a southpaw. I know he always coming inside and he want to fight toe-to-toe so that’s good."