The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as numerous questions regarding Terence Crawford's dominating victory over Errol Spence, Naoya Inoue's win over Stephen Fulton, and more. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Assalaam alaykum Mr Edwards,

Bud Crawford is the best pound for pound fighter on earth. Naoya Inoue held the crown for a few short days, but Bud's performance against Spence was unbelievable. You've had him as your 1a for a very long time. What more can you say about someone who's certainly an ALL TIME GREAT?

Peace, John

Bread’s Response: I’m glad you remember that I’ve had Bud Crawford my #1 P4P for a very long time now. I never believed the myth that his competition was WEAK. I never believed his resume was so horrible at 147lbs. Crawford has been champion at 147 for roughly the same amount of time Spence has. They both had the same number of title fights at 147. Crawford didn’t have the opportunity to fight the fighters that Spence fought and unify the belts. I never blamed that on Crawford. That's business. Spence team secured him the 3 belts vs PBC fighters so they would have a larger stake in the biggest division in boxing besides heavyweight. That's business. It's nothing wrong with that. Top Rank did the same thing when they had Manny, Marquez, Rios, Alvarado and Bradley. For about 3 years they basically let them all fight each other in big fights. And after they left then the PBC had control of the division. It's great business but again not Crawford's fault and he was blamed for it by the media. 

I also know he’s undefeated in title fights through 3 divisions. 18-0. That’s very rare in history to win that many title fights without a loss. Now that the eye ball test matches up with an elite opponent, “they” will put Crawford #1 P4P. But the truth is he’s been the #1 guy for a long time but the media micro managed his competition when in fact his resume was solid and Bud was consistent with his performances. He’s never had one night where we thought the “other” guy won. Not one!

Resumes are important but they can be overrated if taken out of context. Some fighters get more opportunities than others. Now remember me saying this…I know you will. Boots Ennis’s resume will also be attacked and he won’t get his props because of it. But it’s not his fault. He can only fight who’s allowed to fight him. I just hope he doesn’t have to wait until he’s 35 for his career defining victory. 

Again, Stand up Team Crawford. Great job.

Much respect. By your breakdowns I can tell you were leaning towards Crawford but you have relationships with both teams so you didn’t make a pick. The fans got upset but I get it. These are your colleagues. I personally liked Spence in the fight. I thought he was too strong and that Derrick James was a much better trainer. But you kept me from betting on him with your break downs.In your interviews you kept saying that Crawford was the puncher in the fight. I couldn’t get that out of my head. If the more talented fighter, is also the puncher than he’s probably going to win. You also said that you didn’t know how Spence would handle someone punching WITH him. And you put doubt in my mind when you said that Spence couldn’t afford to not get off to a great start. Everything you said happened in Crawford’s favor. I was literally watching the fight, happy that I didn’t bet because before I heard your breakdown I was all in on Spence. How did you know?

Bread’s Response: The truth is I didn’t know anything. No one who predicts fights does. We make educated guesses. Some people talk as if their opinions are facts but no opinion is a fact. 

Fans got mad….So what. Were they the same ones who turned on Errol for making one of the biggest fights in history? Or wait…The fans who picked Spence were calling Bud overrated because of his resume now they want to say he’s the best fighter of this era because of the Spence fight….

As for a breakdown it’s easy for me because I articulate what I see. That’s it. It’s the most OBJECTIVE thing I can do with anything. For the record, I broke down plenty of things in Errol’s favor pre fight also. The fight just happened to go in Bud’s favor. 

I could care less who gets mad if I don’t make a pick. I pick 99% of the fights I’m asked to pick. I never said why I didn’t make a pick for this fight. I just didn’t make one because I didn’t feel comfortable making one at the time I was asked. I do my mailbag a lot earlier in the week than you guys realize. It just comes out on Saturday morning at 10:30am est. For a fight as big as Spence vs Crawford I need all of the information I can get. And I didn’t know who the judges or referee was until the Friday before the fight and by then my mailbag was turned in. 

That’s not my only reason but I thought the officials could be a factor.  The one thing about me is I’m instinctive. I don’t do things I don’t feel comfortable doing unless it involves a sacrifice for my family. Other than that…. No one can force me to do anything. And did what I wanted to do and that was articulate a breakdown.

What's up, Bread? I hope all is well. I'm sure you remember a few months ago when I wrote in and pointed out that Crawford vs. Spence was not a 50/50 fight. I didn't want to belabor my point, so I just left it alone and let the other shoe drop, so to speak. Sometimes, it's just best to let the facts play out before people's eyes rather than hammering them over the head and inspiring resentment and animosity. I've been following boxing since 1973, longer than most people who write in to your mailbag have been alive. I know a 50/50 fight when I see one. Crawford vs. Spence was as much of an even fight as Holmes vs. Cooney was. In Crawford, we have a three division champion who has carried his power through three weight classes, has fight-ending power in each hand, glides in and out of range effortlessly and displays sublime boxing intelligence.

In Spence, we have a durable, well-schooled and fundamentally-sound natural jr. middleweight who struggles to pick up his feet, seems lost when his jab is neutralized and fights in one gear continuously. Stacking the strengths of each fighter, I saw virtually no path to victory for Errol. I expected Bud to bring the curtain down and stop him late. My prediction was Crawford by TKO in 11. I expected it to evolve into a rout, but didn't expect it to be a beating of Holmes-Cobb proportions. I was actually wincing at some of the shots Errol took and was shocked that Derrick James let this man come out for Round 8. As I stated, the path to victory was virtually nil going in. After seven rounds of getting shellacked, sending this kid out to get hammered for two more rounds was cruel and inhumane.Again, I'm curious to know what you saw in these fighters that led you to believe this was an even fight going in. Or were you merely calling it a 50/50 fight out of respect for Derrick James and his feelings? Derrick James was 2022 Trainer of The Year. That tells me how far boxing training has fallen since the days of Eddie Futch, Angelo Dundee, Georgie Benton and Ray Arcel.

Carl Hewitt - Queens, NY

Bread’s Response: Oh so now you’re grand standing. You want to know why I said it was a 50/50 fight. Well the odds were about even so the old men in Vegas thought so too….. And I had great respect for both fighter’s ability. 

I don’t know or remember what you wrote a while back. But if you say you had Crawford in a rout then so be it. But do me a favor and send me your picks that you’ve gotten wrong. If you have been watching boxing since 1973, I’m sure that even someone as highly esteemed as yourself has gotten a pick wrong in 50 years.

As for Derrick James. I respect him. As I do Bomac, Red Spikes and the rest of team Crawford. I didn’t make a pick because I just didn’t. 

Ok…..just because you stated the route to victory was nil going in doesn’t mean Derrick or Errol believed that. Seriously who do you think you are that your opinion has that much influence on people who don't know you? Did you read this message before you typed it? They don’t even know you. They definitely don’t value the opinions of fans picking against them. My god you sound like a dictator of a small country. Do you really think Derrick James values your opinion or anyone’s who thinks his guy doesn’t have a chance? Do you think he would be where he is today if he let people tell him what he couldn't do.

Derrick James deserved the Trainer of the Year. He earned it. Why are you bringing up an award that he got in 2022 when this fight happened in 2023. Derrick won’t win it in this year because his top guy lost. That’s how boxing works. But last year he had a great year and he earned it. 

I believe the old masters you named are great. I’m an old-school guy. But let’s not act like they haven’t lost big fights. Small fights too. There is a winner and loser in every fight.

Eddie Futch was Joe Frazier and Ken Norton’s trainer. George Foreman totally destroyed both inside of 2 rounds. Futch is still the Gold Standard. 

Angelo Dundee was in Michael Nunn’s corner the night he got stopped by James Toney at home. He’s still on Mt. Rushmore.

Georgie Benton was Tyrell Biggs’s trainer when Mike Tyson brutalized him. He was also Meldrick Taylor’s trainer when he lost in the 12th round to Chavez. Hmm…IS Benton still great?

Ray Arcel was in Roberto Duran’s corner when he quit against Ray Leonard. The excuse was Duran blew up after the first fight. Was it Arcel’s responsibility to keep food and women away from Duran?

You didn’t bring up Emanuel Steward but I will. I’ve seen so many big fights that Steward lost I can’t even name them all. But with his biggest gun he lost 2 Super Bowls by ko. Leonard vs Hearns and Hagler vs Hearns. He’s still the GOAT. I love Mr. Steward by the way as a coach and I'm discrediting anyone's coaching resume but you guys go too far. Way too far.

If you have been watching boxing for 50 years then you know I speak the truth. Every championship trainer who has ever lived has lost a big fight. And most have lost by ko. Derrick James is no different. You’re just criticizing in the MOMENT because you’re feeling yourself because you got your prediction right.

As for the stoppage. I thought Spence was taking a bad beating. If James would’ve stopped the fight I wouldn’t have had an issue with it. But I understand his dilemma. Errol is Derrick’s first big gun. Every trainer has a guy that he’s somewhat infatuated with until he starts to lose. Derrick has seen Errol do things in the gym that we haven’t seen. Errol has built and earned his status as the big dog in their gym. Derrick is most likely an eternal optimist when it comes to Errol. Team Spence kept saying they didn’t think Crawford was durable enough. I’m going to assume they thought that Errol could come back and win. They haven’t seen Errol seriously hurt or down before and it was the Fight of the Century. I’m going to assume that Derrick wanted to give his guy every chance to win. I’m not saying it was right or wrong. What I’m saying is I get it. 

Throwing that towel can be difficult with a fighter of Errol’s status. If the boxing world is in shock after the fight, imagine how Derrick felt during the fight. He probably couldn’t believe that was happening to his top guy and he was being optimistic that Errol could turn it around.

Good Morning Breadman!

I always felt like a talented prospect's future is heavily influenced by the promoter! As great of talent that Boots Ennis is, I feel Cameron Dunkin might not be up for the task? I'm sure Boots not signing with AL Haymon is detrimental, since he's fighting on Showtime, but not fully committed to PBC. I also don't feel Floyd "Kid Austin" Schofield is a good fit with Golden Boy! I feel he might just be as good as Frank Martin, Keyshawn Davis, and maybe Shakur Stevenson, but he's not getting the shine he needs! Lastly, are you familiar with Bruce "Shu-Shu" Carrington? I think he's another phenomenal talent, but seems to be hidden in the shadows by Top Rank! I feel he should be getting the same kind of exposure as Keyshawn and Jared, but for some reason, it's not happening. I'm worried for the Brother because he's 26, but only has 8 fights! No Bueno! Salute to you, for all of your great work! Please share your thoughts!

Peace & Blessings.


Bread’s Response: Who is pulling the strings for a fighter is just as important as the fighter’s talent. I have seen Bruce Carrington. He can really fight. I like him. I didn’t realize he’s 26 with only 8 fights. I’m going to keep an eye out on his progression from here on out.


Have enjoyed reading your mailbag for over six years now. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights every week. I'm a big Monster fan but didn't see him handling Scooter that easy. Looked like it came down to Inoue's jab being faster and more precise. He was landing it upstairs and downstairs all fight. Set him up for combinations and Scooter couldn't get off. I thought Scooter would try to hang on Inoue more, but Inoue was landing in the clinch too and maybe even getting the better of the bigger man. What were the keys to Monster's victory? How does he make it look so easy against a guy like Fulton- even in the clinch?! What's the game plan if you are training Fulton for a rematch?

Thank you and go get them at AAU!

Bread’s Response: You stated it, the JAB. I was really surprised that Inoue outjabbed Fulton. His jab was very disruptive. It not only broke Fulton’s rhythm but it kept him from holding his ground. Inoue made Scooter have to keep trying to find spots because every time Scooter wanted to set his feet and get his work going, Inoue landed a jab to the head and body. 

Establishing a jab seems simple but it’s not easy. Inoue had a great gameplan against the taller, longer fighter. If there is a rematch. Again keeping it simple. Scooter can NOT get outjabbed. So taking Inoue’s jab away would be my first thing I addressed. You would be surprised what one small thing will do.

Greetings Breadman,  

I hope you and your family are doing well.   Watching the unification fight between Crawford and Spence was really special. It was the fight that all boxing fans have been waiting to see. The performance by Crawford was amazing to watch. The boxing odds slightly favored Crawford and although, this was considered a 50/50 fight, Crawford made it look easy!   I believe that after Spence Jr was knocked down the first time in round 2, it made him come forward aggressively without a jab. That only made him walk into Crawford’s hands. You have shared with us in many of the mailbags how Crawford has an offensive styles arsenal and makes quick decisions in the moment. Furthermore, Crawford’s ring generalship and the instincts to finish off his opponents when he decides to take it to another level was on display. No one is surprised Crawford won the fight this past weekend. However, everyone was surprised on how he was able to dominate the fight after losing the first round.  Everyone was able to see why Terence Crawford is special and deserves all the attention he has received since the fight.  

Harvey Dock, as usual, did a great job as the referee and stopping the fight came at the right time. There was no need for Spence Jr to go through all rounds. Especially after continuously getting hit and his response appeared slow.  There is no silver medal for fighting for 12 rounds. Spence Jr. showed so much heart and came to fight. Although, he looked to me drain on the weight in. Even if Crawford and Spence have the rematch at 154 and the fight is more competitive, I find it hard to see a different outcome. Styles make fights, Crawford is just all wrong for Spence Jr.   I have a few questions for you.   1) What are your thoughts about the Crawford vs. Spence Jr. fight?  2) Who could give Crawford a challenge at 154, if Crawford doesn’t fight Boots as he is now the mandatory at 147 (Risk vs Reward)? 3) Do you think it would be in Spence Jr best interest to go straight to the rematch at 154?  

As always, thanks you for the weekly mailbags and knowledge.  

Kind regards, Eman from LA 

Bread’s Response: Harvey Dock did a great job with the stoppage. Referees get loads of criticism so he deserves some props. Excellent stoppage. 

However I do find it bizarre that the doctor came and looked at Errol I think in the 4th or 5th round. Errol was losing and taking shots but I didn’t get that. I also didn’t see them do anything. I still don’t understand what I was seeing or what was going on…

1. I think a rematch can only be sold at 154lbs or if Errol came back a scorched a big name. But Errol is 100% fighter. If he wants a rematch at 154 that’s his choice. That’s all I can say. Because now his team can make adjustments. Whatever went wrong they would have a chance to fix. They also saw Crawford up close and personal. So instead of assuming what he was, they now KNOW.

2. I think Tim Tszyu and Erickson Lubin could give Crawford solid test. Here is the thing. Every fight is different. Just because Crawford dominated Spence doesn’t mean he can dominate everybody else. That’s not how boxing works. We have seen Crawford have harder struggles with guys Spence can beat.  So keep that in mind. Crawford also fought a perfect fight. It's not easy to fight a perfect every time out.

3. I don’t know. I’m not a part of Spence’s team and I’m not a doctor.

Hi Breadman hope all is well. After watching Crawford dismantle Spence in what was believed to be a 50/50 fight.  I was thinking how many other 50/50 fights can you think of that were one sided?

Thank you,

Tom from Staten Island

Bread’s Response: I can’t think of many…. Bhop vs Tito. Tito was actually the favorite. Bernard fought perfect. Sanchez vs Gomez was one sided. Chavez vs Rosario, Jones vs Toney, Winky vs Shane, Floyd vs Diego


Short and sweet: tell us what you saw in the fight. I'm already seeing people say it was the car crash why can't they just give the winner the credit. Errol didn't make any excuses he's a real dude and a class act I give him as many flowers as I give Crawford even if he lost. Another way to look at it is, the best fighters often have their true talent brought out of them against their best opponents. Errol's a real one, and so is Bud. People need to realize, the fanboy-like excuses they make and alternately the put downs they dole out and so on are partly responsible for why we don't get as many big fights like this as we should do.

Much respect

Bread’s Response: Ok I’ve always said that the reason why Errol’s stamina always looks so good is because he fights at the same rhythm and pace that he hits the pads and bag with. So his heart rate is never disrupted. So Crawford obviously studied his rhythm. He didn’t take long to adjust to it because he had it down pact. While Spence is praised for his sound fundamentals. His attack was predictable to Crawford. Errol steps with his jab. As you’re supposed to do but it didn’t have a variation. So Crawford stayed in the southpaw stance, put his rear/left glove on the right side of his face and caught Errol’s jab and jabbed back. Or feinted Errol and jabbed WITH him. 

Errol rarely leads with a hook and he throws punches from the same set up. So Crawford was safe with that left hand on the right side of his face because he knew a jab or big left hand was coming and Errol rarely leads with a right HOOK.

Errol did hit Crawford. But he never hit him with anything he didn’t see because he punches from the same set up everytime. I saw Bud’s eyes locked in on Errol and Bud was able to lead and counter Errol. Once Bud established his jab he would beat Errol to the THOUGHT of the next exchange. Sometimes he would allow Errol to lead and counter. Other times he would jab Errol off of his attack. Then after the 4th round he started sneaking body shots in. He didn’t overly commit to the body but he sat the right ones in there to zap Errol. So now Errol is a state of chaos. If he leads, Crawford counters. If he jabs, Crawford outjabs him. If he waits, Crawford just picks him apart. Errol showed next level determination. That kid has no quit him whatsoever. But Crawford processed what was happening much faster. What happened to Errol would have broken 99% of fighters. Errol was never broken and continued to try to win until the end….

Errol really doesn’t apply head movement. He blocks punches he steps away from them. Crawford favors his right hand, so he threw several variations past Spence’s gloves like Ugas did. I bring this up because again, Errol doesn’t utilize a lot of head movement. I’m not knocking his defense but his defense consist of a high guard and using his feet. Crawford’s feet are more coordinated and Crawford throws whipping punches from so many angles that a defense like Errol's he can eat up. 

Looking back Errol would have had to have Hagler’s chin and Pryor’s volume to overcome Crawford and maybe that wouldn’t have been enough…After the knockdown in the 7th, I saw Crawford take his time in the 8th. I don’t know why. Maybe because he felt Errol was still dangerous. People say he gave him a break. I don’t know what it was but I did notice Crawford’s aggression quelled in the 8th. In the 9th he attacked again and forced a stoppage. 

In my lifetime I have seen about a dozen PERFECT fights. That was one of them. Incredible. Absolute. Perfect fight.

Mayweather vs Corrales, Bhop vs Tito, Barrera vs Hamed, Pacman vs Oscar, Duran vs Leonard 1, Leonard vs Duran II, Jones vs Toney, Toney vs Barkley, Sanchez vs Gomez, Whitaker vs Ramirez, Chavez vs Rosario, Usyk vs Gassiev, McGirt vs Brown, Inoue vs Fulton. No we have Crawford vs Spence. That’s how good of a performance that was.

Is Terence Crawford the biggest puncher in welterweight history? I can’t remember the last welterweight champion who knocked out everyone he fought. I can’t remember the last welterweight champion who could hurt pound for pound quality guys with a jab.

Bread’s Response: I believe Crawford is one of the biggest punchers in welterweight history but I won’t say the biggest. At least not yet. Tommy Hearns, Ray Robinson and Felix Trinidad would have something to say about that. We can’t live in the moment and lose our memories.

Hey Bread,

What a great weekend for boxing. Vindication for Crawford and much respect to Errol.One of my favorite things to observe during a fight is the corner instructions between rounds. As an amateur boxing coach, seeing how professional coaches and fighters communicate is very interesting. I often think about what instructions I would give or critique the instructions they are providing. I thought that Crawford's corner was BANG ON. Couldn't agree more with everything Bomac was saying. They were in sync, prepared and executing perfectly. Derrick James on the other hand. I couldn't quite understand or figure out his plan or instructions.

I am clearly an armchair quarterback here and he has forgotten more about boxing than I know, but I did not think he was providing good guidance to Errol. I remember in the mid rounds he kept harping on Errol to step around Crawford. I honestly didn't know why he thought that was the solution considering he seemed a step behind in every aspect of this fight. In all honesty, I don't know if he could have provided Errol ANY strategy or adjustment that would have made the difference on Saturday night given the form Crawford was in. Are there things you noticed he could have been doing or changed to have more success in the fight? What instructions do you think may have been helpful?


Brent from Canada

Bread’s Response: I think Team Crawford did a great job in their preparation. You can just tell that they had Spence’s tendencies down to a tee. But, I personally don’t know what Derrick James could have told Spence to change that fight besides maybe some illegal tactics. I also couldn’t hear the instructions in between rounds so I don’t want to critique something I didn’t hear. 

Let me also say a few things. I keep hearing everyone’s take on trainers and what Derrick James did or did not do. Everyone communicates differently. Some trainers drill things in the gym and they use layman’s terms to ask for them. If you heard James say step around after you punch, he’s telling him to use his feet to not be in the same spot he was in when he punched. They may have drilled that in the gym for 8 weeks with specific moves or tactics. So in a fight Derrick may say “step around”. And you guys may think the instructions should be more articulate and detailed. But Derrick may think that he’s drilled this over and over and Spence knows what to do. All instructions are meant to work. It’s up to the fighter to execute. 

Terence was in the ZONE. So unless something happened in camp. I just don’t know what else Derrick could have done. And before you guys start saying I’m taking up for him and making up fake stories about my relationship with him. I’m cool with both Derrick and Bomac. But I don’t hang out at their houses. I don’t talk to them regularly on the phone. But they are part of a coaching brethren that I’m a part of and I respect them and like them. Coaches are always throwing shade at other coaches and I'm not into that unless a coach really does something obviously wrong. I’m also happy for them that they made it to one of the biggest PPV fights of this era and made generational money. But I’m not trying to protect anyone. I just think both are great elite coaches who have done a great job to get their guys to a PPV fight where both are reportedly making over 25Ms. 

I also keep hearing all of these so called experts criticize Derrick. But before the fight most said that Spence had an edge as far as corners. Most said Derrick was the better coach in the fight. I never made a comment further than both teams do a great job under different systems. 

Derrick didn’t forget how to coach last Saturday…..I don’t buy that. But before I say too much I will go back and listen to the corners. I’ve watched the fight twice and I didn’t hear bad instructions but let me go watch again in order to make a fair comment. 

I also have heard that “trainers are overrated, it’s the horse you have in the race”. Well horses don’t run without jockeys. You need the horse and the jockey. Fighters know. Trainers know. You need both. Training is more than just training. You’re a mentor. You’re a finance specialist. You have to organize in terms of running a smooth camp with consistency. You are also part of the management team without getting a manager’s percentage. Personally I have never had a great camp and my fighter had a poor performance. Not once. So training and trainers matter. 

It seems to me that Derrick has had a night where his fighter was dominated and now he’s not the guy. This is a tricky sport and this comes with it but I don’t know if it’s warranted in this situation. Because so much happens before the fighters get in the ring…Trainers are important but no one is a miracle worker. Remember that. 

Hey Bread,

Thanks for taking time out your busy life/schedule to answer our questions. I noticed in your breakdowns Crawford-Spence you emphasized Crawford's ability to hit opponents in between shots. I always noticed this too but don't think I fully appreciated it. I chalked it up as he is a great counterpuncher. After the fight I got to thinking this might be a form of next-level counterpunching. Bernard Hopkins was probably the best counterpuncher I saw since I became a hardcore boxing fan. But most counterpunchers are your classical catch/shoot or make you miss/make you pay type of counterpunching. It seems Crawford's style relies on anticipation and reflexes. It seems riskier, but his effects in terms of damage are greater too because the opponent is fully exposed and not expecting it. It also requires a lot of heart because Crawford is basically giving the opponent a head start, but still landing his shot first and trusting his defense will protect him enough. Very fascinating attribute to master. Am I fairly accurate in this assumption?

Bread’s Response: You’re exactly correct. I also observed that Crawford is a master at punching WITH his opponents which is a form of counter punching. But the way Crawford does it, he allows you to commit to a shot and he simply drills you. 

A fighter like Spence will always have trouble with Crawford after seeing them two fight. Here is why. Spence commits to SINGLE shots. Crawford is locked in on Spence and he’s firing WITH him or he’s making him miss and pay. Crawford sees everything Spence does and as you stated he lets you punch and punches with you. A fighter throwing hard single shots will always have a hard time with Crawford.

I do disagree about Hopkins. Hopkins was a great counter puncher but not the same TYPE of counter puncher that Crawford is. Hopkins more or less slowed fights down. He was the best I’ve seen at calming a fight. Crawford takes more RISK than Bhop. I’m not saying who’s better at counter punching because it depends on the type of opponent they have. 

I looked at Crawford one day and I said how does he keep scoring all of these kos? He can punch but there are bigger punchers around. But his ability to allow his opponents to start an attack and then punch WHILE they are in the middle of an attack, is phenomenal. 

We get lazy with descriptions. The right uppercut that Crawford dropped Spence with in the 7th round, was reminiscent of what Robinson did to Fulmer. Spence got up so it won’t be remembered like that, but that’s how great of a shot that was. 

I was complimentary of the shot Crawford hit Brook with and all I kept hearing was how shot Brook was. But my eyes don’t lie to me. No one in boxing lands THAT shot except Crawford. The type of counter puncher that Crawford is the most dangerous and violent type. 

I’ve seen Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Robinson, Nonito Donaire and Ray Leonard fire WITH opponents like Crawford. The level of what I’m talking about is so sublime that I don’t even like to talk about it. People don’t even understand it. If you’re going to fight Terence Crawford. You can’t attack at the same rhythm. You have to throw, throw away shots. And you can’t punch at the same velocity every time. He’s on a MASTER LEVEL right now. His comfort and confidence is just off the charts. Hopefully he becomes more active, so we can see him in this particular zone he’s in.

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