The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Terence Crawford vs. Jaron Ennis, Crawford vs. Errol Spence, Jermell Charlo's challenge of Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, four division champion Naoya Inoue, crossover fighters, and more.

Hey Bread,

I love your insights but you're way off on Boots v Bud. You're reaching because you have an emotional attachment to Boots. I do the same when I cheer for someone. But boots hasn't shown anything to even semi compare their processing speed and prowess like you said how they're both fast as if they're the same, that's crazy. Crawford is Mayweather type ATG processor and Boots has fought nobody (not his fault) but for you to compare is straight up idiotic. If they fight in the next year I bet my money he knocks out or the fight is called before 12 rounds with Crawford winning. You have my email and we'll bet a simple 200$ on Crawford winning by stoppage nothing crazy. But I'm not even betting on a win, I'm betting on a stoppage.

You have your bias stop you from seeing an ATG in Crawford vs a physical specimen in Boots who hasn't shown anything at all. Crawford is slightly less of a physical specimen plus he is one of the highest processors ever. You're making a mistake off emotion of knowing someone and basing off their potential like you almost never do. You're reaching like crazy. I love boxing and I love chess and I consider you one of the few "grandmasters" left of boxing but you're reaching like crazy off potential. Crawford is even or favorite against every welterweight since the welterweight level of the four kings era. You did the same thing with Fulton. You knew you had a transcendent talent in Inoue who might be amongst the best ever at lighter weights and in normal times you would say it's a tough fight and tough win but because you were so attached mentally to Fulton you had every potential as a positive and had him winning. It's an easy way to lose money as I've seen and you don't do that, you go from your mind. I can see you bet from you mind and that's fine, just don't put money on it. Crawford is an ATG welterweight ever. Don't forget that with you assumptions of potential.


Bread’s Response: I usually don’t post comments from Jackasses. But I didn’t want to cherry pick and only the post the comments from respectful humans so you get your shine today, Jackass. 

How would you know what kind of emotional attachment I have to Boots? Because I’ve hired him for camp you think I’m going to say he’s an UBER talent if he wasn’t? Or wait because he’s from Philadelphia? Well I’ve hired dozens of fighters for camp over the years. Have you ever heard me talk about one like I have Boots Ennis? There are 2 million people from Philadelphia. And several hundred fighters. And trust me I don’t like or know all of them and I don’t overrate any of them just because they are from the same city as myself. 

IDIOTIC….You use that word because I said both Crawford and Ennis process fast. I’m going to use some words to describe you. Clout chasing loser. You need to learn how to speak to people, or should I say write to people. Only someone who’s chasing clout and wants to be seen would take me saying that Boots and Crawford both process fast as idiotic. If you can’t see what I see in Boots that’s fine. You can respectfully disagree. But you can’t disrespect me.

Betting me….Why would you want to bet me, when you can go to any online casino or casino near you and get better odds? You just want to sound confident for show. You’re speaking in absolute terms but it’s just your opinion. That’s it. That’s all.

I happened to have Crawford as the #1 P4P fighter in the sport long before his master class performance vs Spence. I said he was a HOF and a great fighter long before it was popular to say it. You’re not a fan of mine. But you’re a follower. So I’m sure you know that. So you telling me "don’t forget that", is again clout chasing and coming off wrong. 

I bet you’re showing your little boxing group buddies this comment as the highlight of your life to get in the mailbag. Ok look guys, I answered JAKE’s comment. There you go!

People like you, like to play WORDSMITH to discredit an opinion you don’t agree with. I’ve been the first to say that Crawford’s resume is not as bad as his critics say it is. Before he beat Spence I said he was a HOF. After he beat him I said he’s an ATG. I also agree based on that performance he would be the favorite over or even with vs every welterweight since Leonard and Hearns in terms of betting odds. You can't school me on Terence Crawford, I knew he was the real deal before he won the title. So all you’re doing is repeating my opinion to me as if you’re schooling me on how to look at fights. 

Don’t school me. Don’t bless me with your knowledge. Go start your own mailbag and get paid for it like I did. How about that…

I think the world of Terence Crawford and his team. But I also think the world of Boots Ennis and his team. I have never once said that Boots can beat Crawford or Spence. What I said is he’s ready to fight them. What I said was he’s the best fighter I’ve ever seen in the gym and if that transfers over to real fights then he’s going to be an ATG. What I’m saying right now is Ennis is a special talent and I believe his talent and skillset are similar to Crawford’s but he hasn’t had a chance to prove it yet. Until something is proven it’s always a potential projection. So you using the word potential is again you being a wordsmith because every assessment is potential until proven. 

I’m NOT calling for a fight with Bud vs Boots. If they fight, they fight. I’m NOT saying Bud is ducking him. I actually believe Bud has the right to pick whoever he wants to fight. But if they did, I believe the fight would be competitive and challenging for both fighters. I could care less if you agree. It’s easy to be the Sunday Morning Coach. For all we know you could’ve picked Spence and Fulton. I don’t know who you bet on. I don’t know who you picked. And if you picked Crawford and Inoue good for you. I’m sure you got a few wrong that you don’t speak on. 

I didn’t do anything with Fulton except get the pick wrong. I don’t have excuses. But I will say I don’t bet with my heart. I don’t pick with my heart. I picked Fulton because I thought he would win and when he didn’t, I gave Inoue his props. Since you like giving advice. I’m going to give you some. Get a life and accomplish something significant. Because gloating about a boxing pick this long after a fight, is not it champ. It’s not that deep. See what I did was return the same energy you gave. Most like you can’t take it, how they can dish it out. Peace, and you won’t get posted again.

Hi Bread! Hope all is well! I would like to bring up a few questions/arguments regarding the Bud vs Spence topic and here your thoughts/counter-arguments on these. Here goes.

1.      I believe Spence would have fared better if the fight took place 2-3 years ago. Spence in my eyes had a different body structure. It’s tough to explain but he looked leaner and longer. Maybe my eyes are pulling a trick on me. With that said, making weight seemed to come more naturally for him while Bud was perhaps not fully grown into the shape he was a couple of weeks ago. However, I don’t believe there has been any version of Spence that would’ve beaten THAT Bud we saw. It felt like Bud was in a different state of mind. a.  Do you think any version of Spence we have seen would have taken a W against that Bud?

2.       I saw Bud blocking left hooks and left straight punches to his right side of the head with his own left hand. Almost like doing the infamous DAB, and then as soon as he blocked the punch using the leverage from the motion to place his guard that way to bring it back and counter with the same hand. I’ve never seen that, have you? Thoughts on that technique?

3.       Can Spence win a rematch at 154? In last week's mailbag one of the writers broke down 5 things for Spence to do in order to win (in a dominant fashion as well) which caught my attention. First off, I strongly don’t believe Spence can dominate Crawford at this point. Maybe I’m wrong but Crawford has too many things in his toolbox in combination with a great boxing mind for him to be dominated. As long as Crawford can withstand his opponent's physicality, I don’t think he can be dominated. If Spence was not stronger at 147, I don’t think there would be any big difference at 154. For the other points I won’t argue but instead focus on things that occur in the ring. a.       First of all, Spence needs to take back his jab. If he can’t utilize his jab, which sets up everything else for him there is no winning or even competitiveness. Bud jabbed with him, hard jabs as well. I think Spence needs to switch it up a bit. Fake a jab to lure a jab from Crawford and come over the top of his jab. I also think while Bud focused on strong jabs, Spence should train on fast jabs. b.       Be disciplined with the fundamentals. After throwing a punch, I saw Spence too often lazy with taking back his hand in a high guard position. Need to sharpen that. c.       Spence needs to give different looks at times so he can close the distance without over-extending. The 1-2 jab and the straight left or hook left is too predictable for a guy like Crawford. I am simply saying he should not over-do it. d.       Avoid crouching in order to avoid punches. Crawford just used that awful position (in terms of balance) to get Spence off his feet and at times he just waited for Spence to come up and catch him with clean punches. e.       Take your time! At least against Crawford you should not feel the need or stress of coming out aggressive as Bud takes his time himself. All in all, Spence and Derrick need to add some things to their toolbox in order to not be predictable, while making sure that they get better control of the jab-duel. My biggest concern for this is it doable? Is Spence really that type of boxer that can operate in such fashion? I feel like Spence’s mind works in the way that he is only comfortable in the ring when he can keep doing what he is doing rather than switching things up and doing in-fight adjustments.

Best regards, Ari

Bread’s Response: 1. I really can’t say if any of version of Spence could’ve beaten Bud. Boxing is a game of inches. Sometimes a small thing can lead to a big dominant victory. What I will say is the fighter who needs a higher energy output, has a smaller window to win. For example Leonard vs Duran and Ali vs Frazier. Duran and Frazier need a bigger energy output to win those fights. Therefore they won the 1st fights and lost the 2nd and 3rd. I think Crawford can fight a more relaxed laid back style and have more success, where as Errol needs to be assertive and forceful to win. 

2. Yes I have seen that. There was a time when fighters mostly caught shots with their REAR hand.

3. I don’t know if Spence can win a rematch. That’s why they fight the fights. I won’t get into a technical breakdown because sometimes the adjustments are instinctive. Sometimes just being in there with a guy you can feel certain things. Let’s see what happens. 

Good day Mr. Edwards, I hope all is well and good.

First I just want to thank you for responding to my email last weekend about a possible strategy to help Spence get his lick back .I'm a straight shooter so I'll be quick and short regarding that matter, I vehemently disagreed with a lot of what you said, but I have decided to let it go because I'm a Spence fan and I know how a response can come off because of how attached I am with regards to the topic, and of course, because of the gap in experience and knowledge between you and I in terms of boxing. In my family, here in South Africa, me and my younger brother are Errol Spence fans. My brother doesn't even like boxing that much, but he was so devastated and still is by the loss. Our friends, both the Spence and Crawford fans were devastated, yes, even the Crawford fans (because of how bad it was I guess). Anyway, to get to the point. I actually just watched a video of an interview you just had where they asked you about the Andrade vs Benavidez and Canelo vs Charlo fights. I liked your response to both and it actually echoed my thoughts exactly. I agree that Jermell typically doesn't win enough rounds to win convincingly if he doesn't clip you with that clutch shot that he almost always lands. You can't land that shot on everybody and therefore cannot rely on such a strategy in a fight of this magnitude against a skilled operator like Canelo, especially given Canelo's durability.

Having said that, I just wanted to pick your brain on the addition of Mr Juan Guzman to Charlo's camp as assistant trainer. I personally attributed his improvements in the Castano rematch to that stroke of genius by Charlo. I like that he didn't abandon Mr. Derick James but simply added the part he thought Mr James was lacking into his camp, I also like how well Mr James took that addition. He didn't let his ego or pride get in the way of what to do, and I think Charlo has become a more complete fighter as a result and will be even better for the Canelo fight because the team will have had more time to train together and work on things. Charlo is complete from a genetic (physical/athletic) standpoint in my opinion, possibly even more than Crawford, and on the same level Ennis. I think the IQ, strategy, and tactics have always been the weak point. I believe the combination of Mr James and Mr Guzman has come at the right time. I was curious to know if you didn't notice any of the improvements Guzman made in the rematch and if you think it will play a factor in the Canelo fight. Charlo recently said that Mr Guzman has been training him to throw a lot more punches and to use his footwork and angles better. This was apparent in the Castano rematch and is this going to play a factor in beating Canelo, and if so, how much of a factor? Then I saw an interview of Mr Guzman saying that people think footwork and movement is running around the ring from corner to corner but that he is teaching Charlo proper footwork and movement within and around the pocket. Finally, I want to ask you if switch hitting will play a factor.

The reason I ask is that I always thought Charlo should be a switch hitter. He has/had a tendency to end up on the southpaw stance after throwing a one two or a lead right, and then try to leave the pocket in that stance before switching back again. I always hated that and thought that he should either work on switch hitting so that he can continue his assault in the southpaw stance or should work on not ending up in that stance in the first place. I've noticed that in recent fights, including the Harrison rematch and the Castano fights, he has adopted the former. He seems to have worked on his southpaw game and doesn't freeze and try to leave the pocket in an uncomfortable stance anymore and instead is able to throw hard, perfectly timed counters and lead attacks from the southpaw stance without incidence (probably why a lot of people haven't noticed that he switches sometimes).I just wanted to ask if you noticed this development and if it will play more and more of a factor in his upcoming fights and in the Canelo fight? Thanks again for taking the time to educate us. I know this email is super late but I hope maybe you can answer next week if you can.

Sincerely, Abongile Zolani Peterson

Bread’s Response: I’ve heard Derrick James say he doesn’t believe in head movement. He believes in moving the feet and keeping the hands up. But I watched Joan Guzman fight and he believes in plenty of head movement. I noticed Jermell moving his head a lot and trying defensive moves vs Castano. So I will assume that the addition of Guzman plays a positive role. As far as how much. I can’t say that because I’m not in camp with them. I usually don’t miss much but I haven’t noticed Jermell switching. But I’ve only seen the Castano fight once so let me look at it and study it and get back to you on it.

Hi Stephen,

My name is Jerry Falzarano and I am from Yonkers. Big fan of yours. I wanted your opinion on Naoya Inoue. Do you think he has defensive deficiencies to be pound for pound number 1 fighter in the world. He is very explosive and really quick but do you think he cane in trouble if he meets a puncher who can handle his quickness.  I felt Fulton once he lost the battle of the jabs the fight was over. He did not have a plan B? How would you train a fighter to beat Inoue?

Thank you, Jerry from Yinkerd

Bread’s Response: GGG and Choc were P4P#1 and Inoue defense is on PAR with theirs. Inoue is an offensive killer who takes chances. So he will get hit somewhat. But he doesn’t lose a lot of rounds. He doesn’t get dropped or cut or hurt consistently. Personally, I assess defense based on style. For the type of fighter he is, his defense is better than the average for his style. I have no issue with his defense.

I can’t say how I would train a fighter to beat Inoue. You have to give me a specific fighter because everyone has a different skill set and I wouldn’t train everyone the same way…..

According to a popular betting site, the odds for Oleksandr Usyk to beat Daniel Dubois by points or decision are currently sitting at +340.That’s a gift from above, isn’t it? Usyk has let 45-percent of his opponents off the hook without scoring a knockout. Usyk’s only “knockout victim” at heavyweight was Chazz Witherspoon. Witherspoon was a late replacement who quit in his corner because he was out of shape and tired. I understand that Daniel Dubois has shown fragility in some recent fights. That’s probably an understatement since Kevin Lerena almost knocked him out. But these odds can’t be right. The potential for Usyk to coast to a decision victory seem incredibly high. Am I wrong? Is this a bet to avoid? Thank you for your thoughts!

Bread’s Response: I would never tell you, you’re wrong about your instincts on a bet. I respect Usyk so much as a fighter. He was once a -700 favorite in a fight and I still bet on him to get the win because I know he’s a money fighter and I felt he would win. He won, obviously. 

In this fight I’m guessing that the little old men who pull the strings feel that Dubois is done and he will get stopped. I’m torn because I know that fighters get up for certain fights. Dubois wants to change the narrative. Usyk is the type of fighter who is as good as he needs to be. This may sound weird but the better Dubois fights, the better Usyk will be. So if Dubois gets fresh sort of speak and really pushes it, I think that will cause Usyk to step it up and try to get him out of there. So I don’t rule out a late stoppage by Usyk. 

However, What I suggest you do, is go with your gut and don’t let me or anyone else pull you off of your feelings. Once you make your bet, live with it and don’t even discuss. It’s Gonna Be, what it’s Gonna be.

Terence Crawford and Errol Spence both have said that people were trying to block their fight and they came together to make the fight happen. My question to you is who are the people who tried to block this fight? And is this the norm? It’s almost as if they went over someone’s head to get the fight done and they were being lied to about negotiations so they became directly involved. Errol Spence has also said that Top Rank has the best matchmakers in boxing. I happen to agree with him but for a PBC fighter to say it, is revealing. Top Rank usually beats PBC head to head. Crawford seemed better prepared for the moment. What are your thoughts on Top Rank matchmaking?

Bread’s Response: I did hear them say that they talked directly about making their fight. But I don’t know who was holding the fight up. Going by what they said, Errol had to give up more money from his side in order to make the fight…..I don’t know if it’s the norm for two fighters to talk and make a fight of that magnitude. But I do remember Floyd and Manny running into each other and helping to make their fight. So if it’s not the norm, it may become the norm. 

I also heard Errol say that Top Rank has the best matchmakers. But in context, I think he meant it to say that Crawford had not fought anyone in order to get to the point where they were and that the matchmaking made Crawford look good. But you would have to ask Errol for total accuracy.

Head to head I'm not sure what the actual record is as far as TR vs PBC but I can say TR has won most of the recent match ups....

As for Top Rank’s matchmakers. I’ve always admired them from afar. I think they are awesome. Brad Goodman and Bruce Trampler are Hall of Famers for reason. Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Kelly Pavlik, Yuri Gamboa, Mikey Garcia, Juan Manuel Lopez, Shakur Stevenson and Guillermo Rigondeaux. All were undefeated world champions who touched the P4P list before they took their 1st L. If you throw in Terence Crawford who came a little bit later in his career. And Vasyl Lomachenko who had 1 loss as he was ascending. Top Rank has produced 7 HOF level fighters over since 1992 with Oscar. That’s remarkable. 

I just heard you talk about out of the ring incidents and just yesterday I saw that the rapper Blue Face was stabbed in the gym by a fan. You’re right bro, this needs to stop. The social media disrespect. The fighters getting into altercations with each other. The fans being disrespectful. Onto the topic, what do you think of the non-boxers who box? Who do you think is the best and have the highest upside? I just saw a poll and boxing was voted as the most difficult sport. I think boxing is difficult but it can’t be the most difficult because too many people get into boxing late and have success. No one can just go be an NFL quarterback at 30 years old after rapping for 15 years. Thoughts?

Bread’s Response: I love boxing more than any other sport. I’m in boxing and I make a living off of it. Boxing is unique in terms of being successful because it’s the only sport that you lose weight and are expected to be strong and explosive and have endurance. It also requires a certain degree of toughness. But……You’re correct. While it takes a lot to be a world champion, great fighter and HOF. It’s not more difficult than making the NBA. And in terms of just being a pro, it literally takes passing a physical to be a pro fighter. You don’t have to be talented at ALL. 

Every sport has politics. But in boxing you can manipulate the system and get to a title. You can’t manipulate the system and become an NBA All Star. You have top be a freak talent and have a freak skillset. It’s just this simple. Get 10 retired boxers and train them for 6 months in basketball and hold an open tryout for any NBA team. Then get 10 retired basketball players and have them train in boxing for 6 months and let them make their pro debuts. I will tell you that not one of the boxers would make an NBA team. And I will tell you that more than half of the NBA players will win their pro debuts if matched by a professional matchmaker. 

It’s just different and honestly the sports shouldn’t be compared in terms of difficulty because of how different they are. But if you do compare them just look at this. How many other athletes who didn’t make it in OTHER sports, come to boxing late and have success. You don’t see any boxers decide in their 20s I’m going to the NBA or NFL because I don’t think I will be a world champion. Again, we should just leave it alone. 

For proper context it's extremely difficult to be Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather. But just being a professional fighter is not as difficult as it is to be a pro in other sports. So like with any comparison context is the most important caveat.

I saw the Blue Face incident. Hopefully he’s ok. I actually think Blue face has talent and upside. I saw him spar and he has quick punch release. He’s athletic. He has instincts. I think he’s a solid fighter for where he is. I would say currently he’s the sharpest out of the rappers. Some of those guys make songs about being killers but can’t fight a lick. Blue Face can fight, I don’t know his background but that kid as an athlete.

As for the person who attacked him. I wish Blue Face and his trainer would have stomped him out. You can’t play with people these days and you have a right to defend yourself in your place of business and work. It’s the same as your HOME as far as the law. But you live and learn. I think they were caught off guard and they weren’t exactly sure how far the assailant was ready to go. Hopefully he’s prosecuted to the extent of the law.

In general I just hope that security and the promoters take extra precautions to protect the fighters and their teams. And I hope the fans just remember that the fighters are human. And although we have freedom of speech, there are boundaries. Unfortunately we are in times where you have to SHOW people, better than you can TELL them.   

In your opinion who is a bigger puncher at lightweight Tank Davis or Roberto Duran?

2. Why does Canelo never get the respect he deserves? Actually it seems the fans lately are outright disrespecting him. I look across the landscape of boxing and I do not see even ONE active boxer who has a resume that’s even comparable. 18 world champions beaten I mean what are we talking about? Boxing has the most toxic fan base professional sports, and it’s a shame.

3. Do you see any other fighters at 147/154 that give a Crawford real problems/a potential upset besides Boots Ennis and Charlo?

4. What are your thoughts on the rumored Benavidez vs Andrade fight? I feel this is a huge step up in competition for Boo Boo and I commend him for taking the fight. I have Benavidez scoring a mid round KO.

5. If you had to give one piece of advice to a young professional fighter what would that be? (27 years old MMA PRO 2-0)

6. Who do you favor in a potential fight at 140 lbs between Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney?

7. Last question, in your opinion why do you think Puerto Rico had such a large disproportionate number of world champions compared to other regions/countries? I read that PR has 4.8 world champions per 1 million people, which is the highest the world and more than double the next country. What would you attribute this to?                                      

Thanks a lot much respect. 

Bread’s Response: 1. I don’t know. Tank is a huge puncher. So was Duran at lightweight. Tough call. 

2. Canelo has an excellent resume but the Cash Cow of boxing is always criticized. Think about this. 20 years ago people actually criticized Oscar De La Hoya’s resume and he has a case for having the best resume of modern times. Go figure.

3. Not at the moment.

4. I think it’s an excellent fight. Andrade will highly motivated for his first Super Fight. A great styles contrast. The 2nd half of this fight will be fire once David heats up.

5. Stay consistent with your training. You progress more with a consistent program.

6. Flip a coin…

7. I have no idea but I currently train two PR fighters and both are extremely determined. Determination goes a very long way in boxing.

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