Enough is enough with the resume talk.

The questions surrounding his upcoming showdown against Errol Spence Jr. are becoming typical and repetitive.

Do you believe that you’ll knock Spence out?

What’s Spence’s best attribute?

Is he the best fighter you ever faced?

It’s a bit mundane at this point but Terence Crawford simply remains calm and continues to spew out the same answers. Although he appears unbothered, the smooth switch-hitter immediately becomes annoyed whenever his resume is being targeted.

Spence, of course, has ripped Crawford to shreds in that department, claiming that the 35-year-old hasn’t fought a single notable soul. By and large, Spence can keep talking til the cows come home. All of his words are essentially irrelevant.

“I respect Errol Spence Jr. as a fighter,” said Crawford recently, “But resume don’t mean anything in my eyes.”

Crawford might be taking the quiet route but before he decided to mostly keep his mouth shut, he pointed to wins over Kell Brook and Shawn Porter as the biggest and best names he’s defeated over the years.

Porter, in particular, is a name that Crawford enjoys highlighting. In 2021, Crawford became the first man to stop the former two-time champion. The win, undoubtedly, was critical. It allowed the Omaha, Nebraska, native to further enhance his legacy while beating Porter in fashion.

On paper, Spence would still appear to have the edge in terms of resume. Wins over a long list of credible fighters, including Porter, has Spence pegged as a unified champion and one of the best fighters around. Crawford won’t dispute Spence’s standing but he still firmly believes that this overbearing talk of resumes is getting out of hand.

In his mind, Porter put together the sort of run that leaves both his and Spence’s portfolio in the dust. But no one has ever considered Porter a better fighter than either of them.

“To be honest, Shawn Porter has a better resume than both of us. It really doesn’t matter.”