Conor Benn is still all for taking on Chris Eubank Jr., even if it means he cannot extract the same concessions as the first time around in their negotiations.

The embattled British welterweight was originally scheduled to take on Eubank in a 157-pound catchweight bout last October, but the event was cancelled after it was discovered that Benn had tested positive for a banned substance, clomifene. It was later revealed that Benn had tested for the same substance earlier in the summer. Clomifene is a fertility drug that boosts testosterone levels when used by men.

Benn has repeatedly maintained his innocence. Recently, his lawyers submitted a hefty report to the World Boxing Council that supposedly shows how Benn's failed drug tests were not indicative of deliberate cheating. The WBC’s verdict will affect whether or not Benn will be reinstated into the sanctioning body’s welterweight rankings.

Benn reportedly also has a pending investigation with UK Anti-Doping.

Benn no longer has a license with the British Boxing Board of Control, having relinquished it in October, a move many interpreted as a sign of guilt.

More recently, Benn has broken his vow of silence, urging for the WBC to speed up its investigation. His promoter Eddie Hearn has gone so far as to claim that Benn will fight within the next six months.

On Friday, Benn indicated on his Twitter account that he would be willing to fight Eubank at 160, without a catch weight in place.

“1st fight back, no warm up would be needed even at 160,” Benn said of fighting Eubank.

Benn’s comment echoes Eubank’s recent claim that Benn has lost all leverage at the negotiating table, saying that if they end up fighting that Eubank would not agree to stipulations, such as a rehydration limit, that were initially inserted into their bout contract.  

On Twitter, Benn, once again, doubled down on his innocence.

“I’ve never taken a PED in my life and never would …There is a reason the WBC haven’t banned me, keep that energy when it’s all said and done and I’m proven innocent,” Benn wrote.

“Think I’m spending thousands on legal and scientist fees for sh!ts and giggles?” Benn continued in another tweet. “Was an easy way out in lying. I will never raise my hand to something I’ve never done, good or bad. Would of saved me a fortune. The truth is what I was after. The truth I got.”