Olympian Michael Conlan is prepared to face a very dangerous opponent in the form of WBA "regular" featherweight champion Leigh Wood.

The fight was ordered by the World Boxing Association. The winner would fall in position to face the WBA's super champion at the weight, Leo Santa Cruz.

Last month, Wood's promoter, Eddie Hearn, secured the promotional rights to the contest.

Back in July, Wood picked up a tremendous upset win when he stopped China's Can Xu to capture the WBA title.

After Wood's recent win, Conlan has a newfound respect for his upcoming opponent.

Conlan watched that title winning effort closely and he's going to be very mentally aware of Wood's power when they fight.

“Leigh showed that he's the biggest puncher in the division in his last performance. Can Xu destroyed my old gym mate Manny Robles junior and I know how good Manny is. So it's definitely a fight that you think: ‘Yes, it's a great fight and I would definitely take it' but I am going in there with a dangerous fighter who can punch. So I'll have to have my wits about me and I'll have to have everything on point. You just can't make any mistakes in that type of fight," Conlan told Irish News.

“I'd be confident of beating any of the champions but I don't think Leigh has got the credit he deserves for that win.  I would give him massive credit because he went in there against a guy with massive output who's a very harder fighter to take on. Xu had set the record for the most punches in a fight in the featherweight division and Leigh nullified him with his power and his shot selection. So he's a guy I have to be very wary of and careful with but after my last couple of performances I believe that I'm ready and I'm very confident of beating some like Leigh. Now is my time, this is my chance and I have to grab it with both hands.”