Tszyu started fast, and after two rounds held a 26-7 advantage in power punches landed. However, at the end of round two, as Tszyu was coming forward, the top of his head collided with Fundora’s elbow, and opened a cut on Tszyu’s head that bled profusely throughout the remainder of the fight and changed the complexion of the fight. In the third round, Fundura, who was bleeding profusely from his nose due to Tszyu’s punches, landed 13 power punches to Tszyu’s 6. Blinded by the blood flowing from the cut, Tszyu targeted Fundora’s body to the tune of 45 body punches landed in rounds 4 through 12. Fundora threw 321 more punches than Tszyu, but Tszyu actually threw 4 more power punches and landed 35 more than Fundora at a 47% connect rate. The frequency of Fundora’s jab- he landed 93 to Tszyu’s 39- seems to be what swung two of the judge’s scorecards Fundora’s way.