Cody Crowley threw a whopping 84.5 punches per round, landing 22.2 (26.3%) of them. Crowley threw 39.4 jabs per round, but landed just 4.8 (12.2%) and Crowley landed 38.6% of his power punches.

Abel Ramos, vs. a who's who of opponents (Figueroa, Ugas, Perrella, James, Baranchyk, Prograis, Hooker) is busy as well, throwing 64.8 per round & landing 18.1.

Ramos landed nearly 6 jabs per round and 37.1% of his power punches. Opponents landed: 21.4 punches per round- 3rd most among all fighters; 15.8 power punches per round-6th most among all fighters & 38.9% of their power punches- 7th highest among all fighters.