It's being reported that Anton Kadushin, the head coach of Russia's national boxing team, has tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19.

The Russian Boxing Federation (RBF) confirmed the information to news outlets.

"We have received information on the positive result of the test several days ago," Umar Kremlev, the general secretary of the RBF, said to TASS. "All this time we have been keeping this situation under control.

"According to our information, he has a mild case of the illness, he has been self-isolated at home since the very first day of his return from London. We closely follow the developments. Doctors visit him every day and slightly changed his course of treatment. Anton [Kadushin] says he feels much better now. The Russian Boxing Federation will provide all the necessary assistance because this is our coach.

"He [Kadushin] was talking to Armenian coaches on board the plane and one of them later tested positive for the virus."

The Russian national boxing team was participating in the qualifying competition for the 2020 Olympics, in London. The qualifiers were scheduled to be held from March 13th to the 23rd. The tournament was halted on March 16 due to the ongoing pandemic with the coronavirus.

It was reported afterwards that members of the nation team for Turkey, as well as members of the team for Croatia, tested positive. Everyone believes they were infected during the competition. Russian boxers from the national team have been in self-isolation since their return from London. They all tested negative for the virus upon returning.

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