BRITISH SUPER BANTAMWEIGHT title challenger Chris Bourke insists the force is with him as he prepares to take on Marc Leach at York Hall on March 11.

The pintsized Streatham puncher has bludgeoned six of his 10 opponents to date into an early finish and, in turn, picked up a reputation as a KO-artist of considerable repute.

Even the redoubtable English champion, Michael Ramabeletsa - a known slayer of prospects - was battered into a second round submission in December 2020, with Bourke picking up the WBC International title as his reward, following up from his Southern Area title success against the previously unbeaten Ramez Mahmood five months earlier.

Bourke believes, if he lands on the money, a similar fate awaits all his super bantamweight rivals.

"100 percent," said the 27-year-old from the Peacock Gym. "Anyone I hit clean is going. I genuinely believe I am the biggest puncher in the super bantamweight division. It is just about getting my timing right, my sharpness there and executing the game plan.

"I am just blessed with it. I don't know, it might be technique or something, but I know when I land it has got power.

"When I was 15 I was knocking out grown men three or four weights above me as an amateur, so I feel like I've always had it."

Bourke's spitefulness in the ring can perhaps be traced back to his childhood when, he recalls, his mother had to enlist outside help to calm his toddler tantrums.

These days, he is as cool, calm and collected as they come and we are highly unlikely to witness any pre-fight histrionics from either man leading up to March 11.

However, once he is in the ring, Bourke suspects a few character traits from the past return to the fore.

"When I was really young I had real anger issues and had to go and see someone, so they were proper issues," he revealed. "Maybe I am just too mellow now!

"At school I was never really naughty, but I got into mischief and had the odd fight every now and again. I just had lots of energy.

"When I get in the ring he comes out again."