Jermell Charlo has always been both a visualizer and a planner. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Before actually becoming an undisputed champion, the 33-year-old visualized it constantly. He thought about it before he went to bed at night and first thing in the morning. Eventually, with knockout wins over Tony Harrison, Brian Castano, and Jeison Rosario - those visions became a reality.

Visualizing is one thing, but both creating and acting on those plans is something else entirely.

Having competed at 154 pounds since 2010, Charlo kept a close eye on practically everyone in the junior middleweight division. To be Frank, the truculent champ wanted to fight them all. And while he still does, he’s starting to come to the conclusion that you simply can’t plan everything out.

A fight against Canelo Alvarez has always been something Charlo wanted. Ultimately, with the Mexican star moving further and further away from him in terms of weight, Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) accepted that some things just aren’t meant to be.

On one seemingly normal day, Charlo’s phone began to ring. Alvarez was on the other line. Two weight classes and 14 pounds weren’t enough to stop Charlo from accepting Alvarez’s challenge.

To a certain extent, Charlo’s career has revolved around Alvarez. So, even though negotiations for their September 30th showdown happened on a whim, Charlo wasn’t exactly surprised.

With a chance to become an undisputed champion in just his first fight at 168 pounds, having his hand raised in victory now consumes Charlo. With that said, new thoughts are beginning to seep in.

The 168-pound landscape has always been one of the deepest, shark-filled waters in all of boxing. Never did the Houston native picture himself taking on men with the sort of size that would place him at an obvious disadvantage.

Yet, regardless of whoever is thrown in his direction, as long as he takes out Alvarez, Charlo will be willing to face them all.

“I take his belts then I gotta [fight] the Mexican monster (David Benavidez), the Caleb Plant’s, and I gotta fight all the big boys,” Charlo told a group of reporters. “I’m a have all of the m------------ trying to fight me.”