MMA veteran Chael Sonnen, who often offers his services as an analyst, has accused former opponent Tito Ortiz of taking a dive in his recent fight with Anderson Silva.

Last Saturday night in Florida, Ortiz and Silva - two former UFC champion - collided in a boxing match.

Silva picked up his third win in a boxing ring - when he blew away Ortiz in less than a minute.

He connected on a three punch combination that put Ortiz down and out.

Sonnen, who was submitted by Ortiz in 2017 encounter, is not convinced the ending was legit.

In the aftermath of the fight, Ortiz took to Twitter and claimed Silva hit him with an illegal shot to get the knockout win.

In a tweet that Ortiz later deleted, he wrote - "Nice right hand. But I didn’t know punching behind the head were legal. I need to practice this combo. Now I know why the back of my head has been sore as hell."

But Sonnen believes Ortiz was looking for a quick check.

“Now, this is all on the heels of Tito taking a dive. And when Tito took that dive it’s a really tough spot because who’s going to say he took the dive? It can’t be Anderson. Anderson wants the credit," Sonnen said to The Mirror.

“So, you end up in this really tough spot, but Tito has now gone even a little bit further, saying that the shot was also illegal. He knows it’s illegal because the back of my head is, and I quote, ‘Sore as hell’.

"So, we have this punch that we’ve all seen that was done by a much smaller man, 21 seconds into a contest, who was wearing a pillow on his hand known as a 16-ounce boxing glove that rendered one athlete completely unconscious.

"A reaction that athlete has never had in his entire career of fighting. To go down and be out till the referee says 10; then jump back up, have a smile on your face, grab the flag, walk into the back, make your next call-out. Everything here was done very interesting, including changing of the topic and making it an illegal blow.”