Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch has reacted to the recent statements from heavyweight Tyson Fury.

Fury is back in action on October 28, when he faces former UFC champion Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia. Fury's WBC world title is not at stake.

Froch has been very critical of the fight. Former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew has criticized the matchup as well.

Their statements drew the anger of the unbeaten champion.

“See these motherf------- balls? Lick them b!tch. The fact that Bellew and Froch didn’t make any money out of the game is obviously hurtful to them. I’ve just signed the biggest deal in boxing history, which I can’t divulge to you right now. They’re like all these media suckers, mention Tyson Fury’s name to try and get some clickbait. But without me, there ain’t no f------- boxing. I run the game," Fury stated.

Froch has no argument with Fury's ability to make big bucks, but he does believe the Gypsy King's legacy is taking a hit by facing Ngannou, a tremendous underdog who is making his pro debut against the top fighter in the weight class.

He feels Fury should be facing a highly ranked contender or one of the top names in the division.

“Alright, you're taking the money, that's great, but when your career's over you want your legacy to be intact. The fans are turning against you - it's sad to see. Deep down I think you know you're hurting the sport," Froch explained on his Froch On Fighting YouTube channel.

“You're taking the money instead of being full of pride for the sport. I'll tell you something as well - you can have as much money as you want, but if you turn up to a Hall of Fame party next year, you won't be dining on the top table with me and my peers. You won't belong there with that CV.”