Junior middleweight Callum Walsh has developed a strong fanbase, including a loyal UFC following, which is unusual for a boxer. This may be due to his fights being available on UFC Fight Pass and MMA fans seeing elements of Conor McGregor in Walsh.

Walsh, trained by Freddie Roach, wasted no time stopping Carlos Ortiz in two rounds on Friday night at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California as the main event.

While still a prospect on the verge of becoming a contender, 360 Promotions has high hopes for Walsh (11-0, 9 KOs). At 23, he has gained visibility in both boxing and MMA without competing in MMA like Holly Holm did. Walsh commented on this crossover appeal.

"I know the UFC love the Irish fighters," Walsh told BoxingScene. "We have the best fans in the world, the Irish show up, and it probably is because of McGregor, he made that path for us. Anyone you ask in the world, you say you are Irish they will say Conor McGregor. So the UFC fans link them because they are waiting for the next one.”

Walsh himself started watching the UFC because of McGregor, and he believes some Irish MMA fans are starting to watch boxing because of him.

"That is the reason why I started to watch UFC, because of McGregor," said Walsh, humbly expressing his hope to follow the path McGregor paved for other Irish fighters. "Hopefully, I can do that," he added.

Though McGregor is a major influence, Walsh is inspired by Irish fighters in general. He mentioned training alongside some of today's top boxers.

"All of them, every single Irish fighter," said Walsh. "I have trained with a lot of these fighters that are fighting right now, fighters like Katie Taylor and Michael Conlan, fighters that are still fighting.”

Walsh's next goal is a title, something Roach believes he could achieve within a year. Walsh, who draws a crowd, is eager for his next step-up and won't be satisfied until that belt comes.

"I feel I have worked my whole life for this," said Walsh. "I have been boxing since I was six years old. I am looking forward to the day I do [win a title], and I don’t think I will be happy until I win the world title."