Former heavyweight world champion Shannon Briggs, who trained Youtube star Logan Paul for his grudge match with KSI, is furious with referee Jack Reiss' decision to deduct two points from his boxer in the fourth round.

The two social media celebs traded punches in a six round boxing match on Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

KSI walked away with a split decision victory, based on scored of 57-54 and 56-55 - while a third judge had Paul the winner with a score of 56-55.

But the overall scores were heavily affected by the referee's ruling - which Paul suffered after scoring a knockdown of KSI in the fourth.

Reiss felt a two point deduction was necessary, because Paul held KSI's head in place while landing an uppercut and also hit KSI when he was down.

Paul does not dispute what happened, but felt that he should have received a warning and not a two point deduction.

Briggs agrees with his fighter.

"Jack was out of pocket for that one. It changed everything. [Logan] would have won. I thought Logan started slow, but he got to work, he dropped him, he was the better boxer, the better technique. He was just under the weather. I thought he won the fight," Briggs explained to IFL TV. 

"Those two points were disgusting. I don’t know what the hell happened. I don’t know what got in to Jack to take two points. The guy had 30 minutes to recover [from the punches]. He was dirty, he was swinging wild, hitting my man in the back of the head all the time. And yet Jack thought [Logan] was being dirty, that’s not right. I smell a rat. Let’s go champ."