Keyshawn Davis and Frank Martin aren’t exactly the closest of friends. While they revere one another's skills, each is anxious to prove that they're the cream of the lightweight crop, even if they have to use the unconscious carcass of one another as a springboard.

Of course, despite fans salivating over the possibility of the two locking horns, boxing politics have proven to be a perpetual roadblock to showdowns such as these in years past. Be that as it may, Brian “Bomac” McIntyre, head trainer of Davis, isn’t exactly worried about the possible barricades that could be standing between them.

“I think that’s a fight that can definitely happen," said McIntyre to "It needs to be built up with time. I know he’s over there with a great camp. I know he’s a great fighter. Of course, you know, Key is in good hands over here with us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to make sure it happens.”

The profuse praise of McIntyre falls squarely onto the shoulders of Derrick James. The 2022 Trainer of the Year has pushed Martin throughout their time together, leading the 28-year-old to a banner campaign last year. The icing on his terrific year came in the form of a one-sided beating against Michel Rivera.

Although Martin’s victory was applauded by Davis, the former Olympic silver medalist has continued to levy threats in his direction.

Considering that both fighters are still in the infancy stages of their careers, it makes little sense for McIntyre to spend his time formulating a game plan to defeat Martin. In his view, the time will ultimately come when the two face off in the center of the ring. For now, McIntyre simply believes that both fighters should continue to build their names and brand in the meanwhile.

“I think it’ll take longer than a year or two. Both of those guys are young. They trying to establish themselves in the division. They trying to establish themselves in boxing itself. If they continue to do the work they been doing, it should be no problem making that fight.”

Mega showdowns aside, Martin is currently the furthest thing from Davis’ mind. In just a few short hours, the 24-year-old will confidently stroll to the ring at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, to take on Anthony Yigit.

With the limelight shining brightly on Davis, McIntyre admits that he’s looking forward to Davis putting on a show.

“I’m totally excited. I know the team is excited, coach is excited, him definitely that. Just another opportunity to show his skills.”