Brian 'Bomac' McIntyre, who is training Amir Khan for the upcoming fight with Kell Brook, is confident the Bolton boxer can finish the fight by knockout.

The two former world champions will collide in a crossroads fight on February 19 at the AO Arena, Manchester.

McIntyre's star fighter is WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford - who holds stoppage wins over both Brook and Khan.

In November 2020, Crawford took down Brook in four rounds.

The veteran trainer could see Khan ending the fight in similar fashion.

"Oh yeah, I believe he can. After seeing what Crawford did to Kell, I believe that Amir can do the same thing," McIntyre said to Sky Sports.

"The thing is you want to teach them all the way round, make sure he has it in the bank, just in case he's got to go and cash that check. That's what we say in America, it's in the bank, it's in the memory bank. So if Kell Brook does try to stay on top of him, and does have the fight on his side, he's already ready for it, because he's trained for it during camp, and I won't have to say anything new to him in the corner, because we've already worked on it."

Khan, who previously trained with coaches like Virgil Hunter and Freddie Roach, is learning new things and even sparred a few rounds with Crawford.

"We're up here in Colorado Springs, at about 6,500 feet high in terms of altitude, and I think this altitude training helps especially when it gets to the later rounds in a fight," Khan said.

"It's tough, obviously the air is a lot thinner when you're in the ring and on the pads, but it's only my first week here and hopefully I'll get used to it and by the time it comes to fight night, I'll be ready for the full 12 rounds. Kell is the only thing on my mind. This fight is such a big fight for me.

"It just shows the interest. First of all, it's amazing we've got it on Sky, but then to have the fight in Manchester which is quite local to me and Kell, makes the fight even bigger. I'm really looking forward to it. I just want to put in a good performance and this is a big fight for me where I'm going to show what I've got."