Top cruiserweight Chris Billam-Smith has not sought out any pre-fight advice from WBO champion Lawrence Okolie, who holds a unanimous decision win over Isaac Chamberlain.

Billam-Smith will defend the EBU, Commonwealth belts against Chamberlain in Bournemouth on July 30. Sky Sports will televise.

Chamberlain recovered from his only career defeat at the hands of Okolie, to win five in a row - and four of those wins have come by knockout.

In his last fight, Billam-Smith picked up the biggest win of his career with an eighth-round TKO in a rematch with Tommy McCarthy.

He intends to make things very tough for Chamberlain.

"Yeah I think [Chamberlain will be mentally tested]. It's going to be loud in there, he's obviously going to have a very hostile crowd towards him," Billam-Smith told Sky Sports.

"That will be tested and I think we'll find out on the night. I think every spar I have, every fight I have is grueling for my opponents because of the way I fight and I think that's one of my best attributes so I think it will definitely be grueling for him both mentally and physically."

Billiam-Smith has a game plan in place for the bout - a strategy that has nothing to do with input from Okolie. Both Billam-Smith and Okolie are trained by Shane McGuigan.

"I haven't spoken to [Okolie on what to do], we've spoken that the fight's happening but no game plans or anything like that. Lawrence is a different fighter now to when he boxed him, I'm sure Isaac is as well, but me and Lawrence first and foremost are very different fighters with different styles and very different strengths. For me, I'm just using my strengths and doing what I do best. Maybe we'll have a conversation if it comes up, but it's not like I need to have that conversation with him," Billam-Smith said.