After watching his most recent performance, Tony Bellew highly doubts Joseph Parker will be capable of regaining the world heavyweight title.

Parker, a former WBO champion, was very fortunate to win a twelve round decision over veteran Derek Chisora last month.

With new trainer Andy Lee in his corner, Parker was dropped in the first round and was forced to fight through fire to squeeze out a decision victory.

Parker has promised to get himself back in position to reclaim a world title.

Bellew, a former two division world champion, believes Parker's prime days are now behind him.

"He's not a bad fighter, but no. I think his heavyweight champion days are long gone. I don't think he's the fighter that he was," Bellew told Sky Sports.

"Every dog has his day. Believe you me, I know that as well as anyone. I wish tomorrow I could come back myself, but I don't think he can reach those dizzy heights again now.

"I think he had his moment and as soon as the levels stepped up in competition, and the fitness level of the opponents that he's facing got better, it will show."

In fact, Bellew felt Chisora had done enough to earn the decision over Parker.

"It's not like the Usyk fight where he's lost and it's been a hard fight," said Bellew.

"Tonight, it was in his hands and I thought he just done enough. I just thought it was one of those fights where he brings all the pressure. No doubt about it, Parker was the sharper of the two. He landed some really nice combinations, but Derek pressed the whole fight. He hurt him, more times than he hurt Derek.

"I just thought for me, Derek done enough. Don't get me wrong, it's not a big landslide victory. It's not a robbery by any stretch of the imagination, but Derek Chisora won that fight in my opinion."